Safely Repel Bats Away from Attic
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ET Pest Control (Bat Targeting System)

ET Pest Control Targets Bats Out! Our innovative bat repellent device offers simplicity and convenience by easily plugging into a standard 120V outlet. It incorporates a range of advanced bat repelling techniques, including:
  • Pest Direct Targeting, focusing all of the ET's Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Repulsive Power on combating Bats to Safely Leave Your Premises!
  • High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds covering 5000 sq. ft. (Open Area). Creates Superior Bat Repellent
  • Twin Scanning Technology creates for Greater Bat Repellent Coverage
  • Electromagnetic High Impact Repelling. A Technique that repels deep within the walls of homes and businesses for when bats decide to take up residency 
  • Pitch Switch - Pest Confusion Selector, this allows you to change up the bat repellent ultrasonic sounds always keeping the bats on edge and never allowing them to get used to the repulsive sounds