Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTIONWill the ET Pest Control harm my Dog, Cat, or Bird?

ANSWER: Not at all! The ET Pest Control operates using ultrasonic sounds that are beyond the hearing range of most common pets. Even if your Dog, Cat, or Bird could perceive the sounds, they would find them only mildly irritating, without causing any harm.

As a simple test, you can hold your pet in your arms and plug in our device nearby. Your pet should not react in any significant way. However, if your pet does show signs of discomfort, it's best to refrain from using the device within the living area of your pet. Rest assured, our product is designed with the safety and well-being of your beloved pets in mind.

QUESTIONCan the ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" be used outside?

ANSWERAbsolutely! The ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" is designed for outdoor use. However, it is essential to provide some shelter from heavy rain whenever possible. While it can withstand light rain to some extent, fully exposing the device to heavy downpours may result in damage, potentially leading to the device ceasing to function properly. Taking necessary precautions to protect the device from excessive rain will ensure its optimal Bat Repellent performance and longevity.

QUESTIONCan I use my device on the end of an extension cord?

ANSWERCertainly! Using an extension cord is highly recommended, especially for reaching those difficult-to-access areas. It provides the flexibility to position your repeller precisely where it's needed to effectively repel pests. Additionally, employing flat plug-in strips is another excellent method for optimal repeller placement. By positioning the device with its speaker facing upwards, you can target bats that tend to hang out in the eaves of homes and businesses, ensuring a more targeted and successful bat repellent approach.

QUESTIONShould I be able to hear the sound of the ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System"?

ANSWER: Yes and No. The ET Pest Control features a SPEAKER OUTPUT SWITCH, allowing you to control the speakers' sound.

When Set on CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: In this mode, the speakers will emit a Continuous Ultrasonic Sound, which is the most effective for repelling pests while you address your pest problem. The sound should not be audible to you in this mode.

When Set on RANDOM OUTPUT: In this mode, the speakers will intermittently turn On and OFF, creating a slight variation in the way pests are repelled. It is best suited for use once your pest problem is under control, but it can also be considered as a third option for repelling pests. Please be aware that the RANDOM OUTPUT mode produces a slight Tic Toc noise that may not be tolerable for some users. It is an optional feature, so if you prefer No Noise, you can leave the ET on CONTINUOUS OUTPUT. The choice is entirely yours.

QUESTIONIs my device working properly if it's making noise? (squealing whining I can hear across the room)

ANSWER: No, definitely not. If your device is emitting noticeable noise such as squealing or whining that can be heard across the room, it indicates a problem with the speaker, and the device may not be effectively repelling pests. We recommend reaching out to us immediately so that we can assist you in resolving this issue promptly. Ensuring your device functions flawlessly is our top priority, and we'll be more than happy to help you address this matter. Contact Us Here

QUESTIONHow is the ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" powered?

ANSWERThe ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" is powered by plugging it into a standard 120V outlet. It consumes very minimal power, typically ranging from 2 to 5 watts.

ET Pest Control (Bat Targeting System)