How Many Bat Repellents do I Need?

To start lets just give you a little information on the ET Pest Control “Bat Targeting System”
  1. The ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" is designed to effectively repel bats within an "Open Area" spanning approximately 5000 Square Feet. This capability extends to areas without doors, walls, or obstructive objects that could potentially impede the transmission of Ultrasonic Bat Repellent Sounds.

  2. After considering the previous information, the next question is: How bad is the bat infestation you're dealing with?

  3. Having the information above in mind, let's proceed to offer you a better understanding by sharing three real-life examples that will easily resonate with you. As a result, you'll gain a clearer idea of the number of ET units required to effectively control the situation in your surroundings.

Mild Bat Infestation Detected in Attic
Consider this scenario: you have a bat issue in your attic, and the attic's size is around 1700 square feet (average size and this is considered Open Area as attics in most cases are Open with no walls or doors in the way). You believe the bat problem is not severe. In such a situation, using just one ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" should be enough to successfully repel the bats and resolve the issue effectively.
Setting: Set ET switches on the Best Bat Repellent Settings which is


Minimum bat repellent issue


  • Against a wall facing most open area of the attic

Severe Bat Infestation Detected in Attic

Now for a severe bat infestation with-in this same attic, it's crucial to take decisive action. We strongly advise utilizing Two ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting Systems" strategically positioned in your attic. By setting the units on different Bat Repulsive settings, you unleash the full force of ET Pest Control to tackle the issue head-on. This dynamic approach not only covers every inch of the attic but also amplifies the repelling power, compelling the bats to retreat with unwavering authority.

Setting: Set one unit on RANGE - HIGH, PITCH - VAR, OUTPUT – CONT
Set the other one on RANGE - HIGH, PITCH - FIXED, OUTPUT - CONT, and watch as these relentless devices expel the bat invaders from your property without hesitation.
Severe bat repellent attic issue

  • The optimal position entails positioning Both ETs at one end of the attic facing there speakers inward to the most open area of the attic
  • Or Place one ET on either end of the attic facing inwards
  • Or centralized your ETs in the middle of the attic facing outwards


Addressing the Severe Attic Bat Issue - Total Domination Strategy
Let's explore another scenario where you are determined to Fully Maximize the bat repelling process in the same attic, which is experiencing a significant bat issue. To achieve this, consider the following steps:

  1. Place two ETs in the attic, each set on the different suggested settings mentioned earlier.
  2. Install additional ETs in the rooms below the attic, where you can hear the bat sounds.
  3. Finally, position ETs outside on the ground, facing upwards towards the eaves of the home. This strategic placement will deter bats from even approaching the attic, discouraging them from lingering in the area or attempting to enter.

Dominate Bat Repellent
By implementing this approach, you will unleash the full potential of a formidable bat repelling strategy, leaving no room for bats to linger in the vicinity or find their way into the attic. This powerful and proactive method will ensure the swift and decisive resolution of the bat issue, offering a lasting solution to the problem.

The ET Pest Control "Bat Targeting System" is a remarkably potent solution designed to combat bat issues. However, it's essential to note that when encountering obstacles such as doors and walls, the strength of the bat repulsive sound may diminish slightly, affecting its ability to repel bats effectively. For cases where the bat issue is more severe, we highly recommend deploying additional units to cover multiple rooms and areas.

To better understand the system's potential, envision it as a powerful stereo setup. Similar to how multiple speakers positioned in different locations enhance the audio experience, strategically placing multiple ET Pest Control units in various spots creates a dominant and highly effective bat repelling effect. By implementing this ingenious approach, you can maximize the system's efficiency and ensure a comprehensive solution to your bat problem.