Using ET Pest Control Outside with Extension Cord

Using ET Pest Control Outside with Extension Cord

We are often asked by customers if their ET Pest Control unit can be used outside. 

Yes, you can absolutely use these outside. They are weather resistant, so they can get splashed with water or lightly rained on, but they aren't entirely waterproof, so they shouldn't sit in a puddle. 

Step 1. Notice that there are bats hanging out under the 2nd Story Roof Overhang. Oh No! 

Step 2. Take the ET Pest Control out of the Box and adjust the settings to safely repel Bats:
      Range - High
      Pitch - Var
      Output - CONT

Step 3. Plug into an extension cord.

Step 4. Lay the ET Pest Control unit on its back, on a box/flowerpot/brick/piece of wood (to prevent it from sitting in a puddle) on the ground, with the speakers aimed up at the roof overhang. (Customers have reported success as high as four stories up)

Step 5. Run the unit for 10-14 days.

    - If the bats have gone, great! Keep the same settings and continue running the ET until fall when the bats either migrate or hibernate.

    - If the bats are still hanging around, please change the Pitch Setting to Fixed and contact us so we can work with you to discuss placement, settings, and a plan of action going forward. 

We are here to help you!


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