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About Missouri Bats: Missouri bat control problems can sometimes get out of control. The ET Pest Control units works great repelling the Missouri Bat. They simply plug-in to any house hold outlet or they can be plugged-in on the end of an extension cord to get into tight and confined areas.

Nine species of bats are commonly found in Missouri, but they are most numerous in the dense forests and abundant caves of the Ozarks. Six of these species spend at least part of the year roosting in caves. The others roost mainly in trees. Only three species regularly roost in buildings (big brown bat, little brown bat, evening bat). The little brown bat  is a brown, mouse-sized bat that occurs throughout Missouri. It hibernates in small numbers in Ozark caves during winter.

In summer, it sometimes takes up residence in attics and buildings. The big brown bat is a large bat, perhaps twice the size of the little brown bat, but still weighs only half an ounce. This species lives throughout Missouri and roosts by itself or in small groups in caves. Big brown bats commonly roost in buildings, where they sometimes hibernate. The evening bat is present in Missouri during the spring, summer and early fall. It migrates south in winter. It roosts in buildings in summer. Missouri bats consume literally tons of insects in our state each year and are one of our best allies in controlling insect numbers.

We are very confident that the ET Pest Control will demand your Missouri bat problem to leave your home with positive results.

D and R Technologies LLC. have created this page so you can identify your common Missouri bat control problem. 



Big Brown Bat


Little Brown Bat


Evening Bat


How Missouri Pest Control repels bats?

The ET Pest Control is an electronic plug in pest repeller that uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic sound frequencies causing a chaotic unstable environment for the bats.  The electromagnetic high impact repelling technology is designed to repel deep within the walls of your home or work environment. This repelling technique helps greatly as bats have been known to hide in walls, attics, and other unseen able places.

The ultrasonic variable sound frequencies are in constant changing frequencies so that the bats will not become tolerable to one signal. The sound frequencies will interrupt the bats’ communication skills, eating habits, and flight pattern forcing them to leave the area. It takes time to repel bats. It can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on how severe/non-severe your bat problem is. Please see our Proper Application page for the coverage area you may need to repel the bats. All you do is simply plug in the ET Pest Control into any household or business outlet. Also, for the hard to reach places, you can use an extension chord and plug in the pest repeller facing toward the infested area. Both the extension chord and the pest repeller will repel the bats at the same time.

ET Pest Control (Bat Targeting System)