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Using ET Pest Control In an Attic

Using ET Pest Control in an Attic

Using ET Pest Control in an Attic

We are often asked by customers if their ET Pest Control unit can be used against bats in an attic. 

Yes, you can absolutely use these in an attic and/or crawl space. They are not affected by heat nor cold, so they can sit in a broiling Arizona Attic or a freezing Alaskan Crawl space just fine. 

Step 1. Notice that there are bats going in and out of an attic. Oh heck no! 

Step 2. Take the ET Pest Control out of the Box and adjust the settings to safely repel Bats:
      Range - High
      Pitch - Var
      Output - CONT

Step 3. Plug into an extension cord or plug outlet if you have one.

Step 4a. Best Position is having the speakers of the ET Facing the most open area of the attic so that the repelling sounds can fill the room (preferably facing the speakers towards the bats) 

Step 4b. If you're encountering difficulties with the precise placement of your bat repeller in the attic, don't worry; simply ensuring the device is inside is better than not having it there at all. These potent bat repelling sounds will still deliver safe & effective performance.

Step 4c Employing an extension cord to hang the electronic bat repellent over a joist, with the speakers pointed in the direction of the bats or their entry point, is a highly effective placement strategy. This approach also safeguards the device from sinking into the insulation and potentially muffling the bat-repelling sounds.

Step 4c. If you do not have access to the attic.

       - Try setting up the ET in the room directly below the attic. Not all of the sound will be able to penetrate into the attic, but some customers have success this way.

       - Set up the ET on an extension cord outside of the building, with the speakers aimed up at where the bats are entering and exiting.

Step 5. Run the unit for 10-14 days.

    - If the bats have left, that's excellent news! Maintain the current settings and continue to run the ET Pest Control for proactive bat prevention.

    - If the bats are still hanging around, please change the Pitch Setting to Fixed and contact us so we can work with you to discuss placement, settings, and a plan of action going forward. 

We are here to help you!

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