Having bats in your home can cause a problematic situation. Bats don’t leave your home easily. They come back to their home every time they are forced to move away. It is very important to try the best bat removal method and bat control method to keep them away. Finding an appropriate method is a bit tricky. Don’t get confused, go for a safe, affordable and reliable method. To keep the bats away, you need a good bat repellent method.

There are several kinds of bat repellent methods available in the market. Some of them repel by odor and some of them are electrical. The main feature of a repellent is that it needs to be very unpleasant for the bats. It should make it horrible for the bats to remain in that location. Whether they do this through odour or frequencies. There are many options available for repellents. Some of the repellents can be made using products at home. There are a variety of different repellents that are said to drive bats away from a colony site.

To repel bats, the first important thing is to know why they are attracted towards your home? What is the thing you need to do before finding a bat repellent?

Why are bats attracted to your home? | Bat Repellent

Why are bats attracted to your home?

There are many things which attract bats towards a place. They look for a suitable place where they can lay eggs and where their young ones can stay safe. The place where bats are usually attracted to is small and dark. They don’t live in a place full of light. Below are the things which can make bats start living in your home.

  1. Small dark openings:

    This is the most appropriate place for bats to make their home. They always look for such kinds of places.

  2. Uncleaned small opening:

    Bats find places which are not clean. They Don’t choose cleaned places to make their home.

  3. A place which had bats:

    If bats were living in your home at some place and you have not cleaned it properly, there is a high risk that they will come back. Bats are attracted to their own smell. They will come back if the insulation is not changed and the area is not cleaned.

  4. Having bugs in your home:

    If there is a large population of bugs in your home, they might attract bats. Bats usually feed on bugs. They look for their food and may find your home a suitable place to live.

How to avoid attracting bats to your home? What are the precautions you should take except for repelling them?

How to avoid attracting bats to your home? | Bat Repellent

There are several tips that actually work in stopping the attraction. We can act against their nature. Remove all the factors they find to live at a place. How can we remove them? This topic is explained in detail in the article “Bat control”. But we have listed a few for your help here. Below are the points which will help you with this problem.

  1. Netting:

    Netting can help in stopping the bats from entering at small dark places in your home. Cover those areas with a net. You should not miss any spot.

  2. Cleaning:

    Clean the area properly if you had bats in your home. Change the insulation as well. The smell of bats should be removed. For extra safety, cover the area with netting. This will not let the bats enter that area again.

  3. Remove bugs:

    Remove the bugs present in your home. This is the source of food for bats. They will not be attracted to your home.

  4. Bat proof structure:

    Bat proof structure will help in stopping the attraction of bats. They won’t like the place. As the place won’t be dark and small. Bat proof structure can be very effective for this problem.

Now if we talk about repellents, there are several kinds of repellents found in the market. What is a bat repellent? How many types are there? What kind of repellent is safe to use? Which one you should choose and why? We will answer all of your bat repellent related questions in this article.

What is a bat repellent? | Bat Repellent

What is a bat repellent?

A Bat Repellent is a spray, chemical ingredient or the ultrasound waves that drives the bats away from a building. Using a repellent is an alluring idea to deal with an animal problem, and simply spraying a substance into the area or leaving a repellent on the floor where the bats are found are very easy things to do. In order for a repellent to work, it should be very unpleasant for the animals and the repellent should make it horrible for the bats to remain in that location.

Bat repellents are used to force the bats to stay away from a specific area. Repellents make the bats feel unpleased to come or stay in a specific area. This does not allow them to come near the area. The idea of repellents is very good and affordable. The problem is, all of them are not effective. Also, some of them are toxic and not good for the health of people around it. It is always good to search properly before buying and using a product. You should always go for a method which is invulnerable to use, is trustworthy and economical.

You must be wondering that how can you research about the repellents, their types, their pros and cons and many more aspects. Worry not, we got you. We are going to tell you that how many types of repellent are there? What are their pros and cons? and whether if one is safe or not.

Types of repellents | Bat Repellent

Types of repellent

There are 4 types of repellents

  1. Sprays
  2. Electrical
  3. Home remedies
  4. Chemical bat repellent

Spray repellents

Some sprays work very well as a bat repellent. They can repel the bats away from your home. But sprays are not preferred. Why? Because they have many drawbacks. For these products to remain active, you must usually reapply them every 30 days or so. What are the pros and cons of using sprays? How much does sprays cost? Are they affordable and reliable?

Pros of using spray bat repellent
    1. They will force the bats to go away from your home.
Cons of using sprays
    1. Sprays contain chemicals which are toxic.
    2. Sprays can affect your health in a bad way.
    3. Not all of them work efficiently.
    4. Bats can attack back as you have to face them while using a spray.
    5. Not effective for a longer time.
How much does spray bat repellents cost?

Spray repellents are not much expensive but they are not very effective as well. The normal range in which they cost is 4$ – 10$.

Electrical repellents

There is a variety in electrical repellents. Some of the electrical repellents don’t work well. But some of them are extremely good and they can do wonders for this problem. Some of the electric repellents use ultrasonic audio pulses to repel bats. Other electrical repellents use lights for this purpose. Bats naturally like quiet and dark areas as a location for the colony, and what these devices claim to do is to make that colony a less pleasant place for the bats to reside. Ultrasonic Audio repellents confuse bats. This makes it more difficult for the echolocation technique of navigation used by the bats. Because of this, they cannot work properly. The light makes it more difficult for the bats to rest properly. They will not be able to live comfortably. These devices can be a bit expensive.

Still, there is no guarantee that all of the electrical devices will work. But customer reviews about “ET Pest Control“, “Cleanrth CB006” and “Cleanrth CIN009” are quiet promising. These devices will force the bats to leave your house and will not allow any other bat to get in. You can read reviews about these products on “Amazon” and their respective sites “Bat Control ET” and “Cleanrth“. There are many more but the important thing is that what are the pros and cons of electrical devices? and How much do they cost?

Pros of electrical repellents
    1. They will repel the bats away from your home.
    2. Can be used for a longer time.
    3. They do not contain any toxic chemical.
    4. You don’t have to go closer to bats.
    5. Easy to use.
Cons of electrical devices
    1. Not all of the electrical devices work efficiently.
    2. If any device uses a large number of watts, it can result in an electricity bill out of your range.
    3. If an electric device is not made properly, it can cause a short circuit.
How much does electrical bat repellent cost?

An electrical bat repellent can cost you between $20-$80. They are a bit more expensive than sprays but the pros are more than sprays as well. The price of an electrical repellent can depend on its range and effectiveness. This does not mean an expensive electrical repellent definitely works. You have to search for the product which is reliable.

Home Remedies Used As Bat Repellent

There are many remedies which are passed on from generations to repel bats. These home remedies are made through ingredients which are believed to repel bats. Also, these ingredients are easily available at home. But it is not compulsory that all of them are reliable. While using mothballs, which are similar to the commercially available bat repellents is one technique that can be used. Some people say that the scent of peppermint oil drives the bats away from your home. A more complicated blend is made by combining Sponto 221, mustard oil and sassafras oil to water to create a solution. This solution can be left near the bat colony to repel the bats away. What are the pros and cons of using home remedies? How much does it cost?

Pros of using home remedies
    1. Can cost you $0 as ingredients can be found at home.
    2. Some remedies can repel bats.
    3. Home remedies are not long lasting.
Cons of using home remedies
    1. Can be dangerous as you may have to apply it near the place where bats live.
    2. Home remedies can waste your time if not useful.
    3. Home remedies are not easy to apply.
How much does home remedies cost?

When it comes to cost, home remedies are the cheapest. But their cons are way more than others. They can waste your time and it is difficult to apply these home remedies. Other than that, they are not toxic.

Chemical bat repellent

Naphthalene is mostly used in chemical based bat repellents. This is the same chemical which is used to make mothballs. This is the main ingredient in making them. Chemical base bat repellent releases a substance into the air. This substance makes the respiratory function of bats uncomfortable. This forces them to move out of the area to get fresh air. Because of this, they are forced to find another new home. Many of these products will also include an artificial scent so that they do not become too unpleasant to the people who also live nearby. There are also sprays available, but these should be avoided as they can cause the bats to fly unexpectedly, which is not what you would want to happen. What are the pros and cons of a chemical based bat repellent? How much does a chemical based bat repellent cost?

Pros of using a chemical bat repellent
    1. They can repel bats efficiently.
    2. You don’t Have to go near the place where bats live.
Cons of using a chemical bat repellent
    1. It can have a bad odor.
    2. It can cause breathing problems to people who are sensitive.
    3. Some chemicals are not completely safe to use.
How much does a chemical repellent cost?

A chemical bat repellent can cost from $3 to $15. They are not very expensive. But chemical bat repellents have their own cons.

These were some repellents available in the market. But the important thing is, all of them are not dependable. Some of them can waste your time and money. Before buying any repellent you should research properly and do read customer reviews about the product.

After reading about the pros and cons of all types of bat repellents, you must be wondering that why are all the repellents not reliable? Why all of them do not work?

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable | Bat Repellent

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable

There are many reasons why all bat repellents are not a reliable source to get rid of bats. The effectiveness of a repellent also depends upon how much time the bats have spent in your home. If it is the initial stage, they can be easily removed. Bats always return to their home again and again. This is one of the major reasons why some repellents are useless. The repellent you choose should be long lasting. Your repellent should not only force them to leave your home, but also keep them away. Also, if you go for proper bat removal and closing of all the dark small openings, this will help you a lot. Now, which repellent is effective and why should you choose it?

Which repellent is the best among all?

If we have a detailed look at pros and cons, we find electrical repellents works much better than others. The reason is they are safe to use and lasts for a long time. They are not too expensive in the longer run as well. If an electrical repellent works well, there is no other option better than that.

After proper research and study, we have made an electrical bat repellent. The name of repellent is “ET Bat Control”. This repellent is very pocket friendly and works well. How is this repellent better than other repellents? Why should you choose this over other repellents? How this device will work? The answers to all your questions regarding ET Bat Control are right below. Let’s get going.

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable | Bat Repellent

ET Bat Control

ET Bat control is designed to repel bats away from your home. We guarantee you that bats will leave your home in no time. The technology used in our electrical bat repellent is much better than other electronic bat repellents. What are the features of this repellent? What are the advantages of using this repellent over other repellents?

Features of ET Bat Control

ET Bat Control uses ultra variable sound frequencies to repel the bats away. These high impact ultra variable sounds cover 5000 sq. ft. This repellent releases high impact electromagnetic frequencies. Because of this, it is even effective if there are deep inner walls and can pass through them. Uses different repulsive sounds to repel the bats. This confuses the bats and they fly away. The sounds are not bearable by bats.

Advantages of using ET Bat Control

  1. Does not use much electricity:

    ET Bat Control uses only 5 watts. Isn’t this amazing? Your electricity bill will not be much affected by this device.

  2. Economical:

    As compared to other electrical repellents, this device is very affordable. Even if we compare this device to other repellents, the pros are way more but there is just a slight difference in the price. This bat repellent costs only $49.99.

  3. Trustworthy:

    The technology used for our bat repellent guarantee to provide you the best results. The bats will definitely leave your home.

  4. Long lasting:

    Et Bat Control has a long lasting affect. Also it works till this device damages because of some electrical fault.

  5. Easy to use:

    This bat repellent is the easiest to use. You don’t have to go near the area where bats live. Just plug it in around the area and it will do its job.

  6. Large range:

    It can repel bats within the area of 5000 sq. ft. around the device. This range is much greater than other repellents.

  7. Does not use toxic chemicals:

    This bat repellent will not affect your health in any negative way. This device is completely chemicals free.

Is ET Bat Control safe to use?

Et Bat Control is completely safe to use as it does not use any toxic chemicals. This makes it perfectly safe for the health of people around it. But does the sound frequencies affect the people and other pets around it? The answer is NO. These frequencies have no effect on humans or pets. 


Bat repulsion is a difficult task. For this purpose there are several repellents available in the market. But the problem is not all of them are reliable and safe to use. There are some remedies passed on from generations. All of them are also not reliable as well. So, which one is the best method to repel the bats away? The answer is electrical bat repellent.
For this purpose we have made an electrical bat repellent named “Et Bat Control”. This repellent is pocket friendly and completely safe to use. Works for a longer time and uses only 5 watts. These features make it a better choice than other repellents.