Bats are a part of our surroundings. Like every other animal and bird, we need them in our environment for a certain purpose. But this doesn’t mean we want them to live in our house or building. Bats have their own benefits. But they spread some serious diseases when they come in contact with humans. Bats can build their colonies in a home or building. This can disturb the people living in those areas. They should be removed at the right time, else the situation can become dangerous. Bat removal from the areas where they have their nests is very important.

How are they beneficial for our surroundings? Why is bat removal important? What are the ways available in the market to remove bats? Which method is the most reliable and affordable? And why should you choose that method? We will answer all of your questions in this article.

Pros of Bats | Bat Removal

Pros of having bats in your surroundings | Unknown Facts About Bats

Bats play an important role in our environment. They play several roles. Some of them are:

  1. Insect Controller:

    They are the natural insect controllers. They feed on the insects present around us. Usually, bats eat mosquitoes all night long. They eat beetles, wasps and moth as well. This helps in reducing their population.

  2. Pollinators:

    Bats move from flower to flower. While moving, they carry the pollen with them. This helps flowers in fertilization.

  3. Fertilizer:

    Bats are also known as “Guano”. Guano is very beneficial for plants. Guano is considered as a very good fertilizer. It is rich in nitrogen which helps plants to grow better. Also, there are some enzymes found in guano. These enzymes are beneficial when added to cleaning agents.

  4. Seeds distribution:

    Bats help in distributing seeds among plants as well. These plants include bananas, mangoes, dates and many more.

For the above mentioned reasons, having bats in our surroundings is important. We cannot kill them, else killing them will create problems for us. But we don’t want them to live in our house. They have some bad effects on humans. We have to remove them from our home. But what are the cons of bats? 

Cons of Bats | Bat Removal

Cons of having bats in your surroundings | Beware of Bats

Bats have some really bad effects on our health. They might be beneficial but we won’t like living with them in the same house. Some of the cons are:

  1. Destroying the structure:

    Bats may build their nest in your home. They will start raising their newborn in your home. While doing this, they damage the structure of your home. Also they leave bat droppings in your home. This creates a mess.

  2. Spreading rabies:

    This is not common but bats can spread rabies. Bats don’t bite normally, but can be aggressive if manhandled. The disease ‘rabies’ can be dangerous for your pets or you.

  3. Guano:

    As we mentioned earlier that bats are a source of guano and they are known for it as well. Where guano is beneficial for pants, it is very harmful for humans. This illness affects human lungs. This disease spreads by breathing in fungus that grows in guano.

  4. Bugs:

    Bats in our home can bring other insects as well. Due to the presence of bats, bat bugs are introduced to your home.

These are some cons of having bats near the place where you live. Bats have harmful chemicals which they spread through bat droppings. Bats are beneficial but we cannot afford sharing our home with them. What should we do in that case? Look for the signs of diagnosis. Diagnosis will let us know about their presence. What are the signs for diagnosis? We will help you know about them.

Diagnosing the presences of bats | Bat Removal

Bat Diagnosis | First step towards Bat Removal

  1. Bat droppings:

    Inspect your home carefully. If you find bat droppings, there is a chance of having bats in your home. Bats might be having their nests in some hidden corner of your home. Bats can easily enter into your home through small openings of size ⅜ of an inch. You may not notice their entry points as they are very small.

  2. Urine stains:

    Have you noticed urine stains on your wall recently? This is a sign of having bats. Bats have their nests in the small openings. They are usually the reason for having urine stains on walls.

  3. Pile of guano below a gap:

    If you notice a pile of guano under a gap, there is a chance for having bats. They must be hiding in that gap above guano. Bats usually have their droppings below the place where they live.

  4. Brown stains on wall:

    Are there brown stains on your wall? And are they below a gap? There must be bats having their nests in those gaps. These stains are usually because of the bat droppings. They turn the color of your wall to brown.

These are the steps to diagnose the presence of bats in your home. What should you do after diagnosis? Search for bat removal techniques. Read all of them carefully. Choose something which is suitable for you. The chosen bat removal method should be reliable and affordable.

What is the criteria of choosing a bat removal method? Here are some points you should keep an eye on while choosing a bat removal method.

Criteria of choosing a method | Bat Removal

Criteria For Choosing a bat removal method | Points to Keep in Mind

What are the points we should take care of while choosing a method for bat removal?

  1. Tested:

    The method you choose should be tried and tested. Experiments mostly lead to a problematic situation. And you don’t want that.

  2. Good reviews:

    Reviews can help you in deciding which method is reliable. Try to read as many as you can. Study the situations people went through. After this, choose wisely.

  3. Reliable:

    The chosen bat removal method should not waste your money. It should be reliable. The bat removal method should assure the removal of bats from your home.

  4. Affordable:

    Some people can not afford expensive bat removal methods. Also, many of them are just a waste of money. Try to find a method which is affordable and suits your pocket.

  5. Safe to use:

    The bat removal method you choose should not be harmful for your health. It should be safe for your pets. Also the method should not destroy the structure of your home.

These are the points you should keep in mind while choosing a bat removal method. What kind of bat removal methods are available in the market? How many are there? Which one of them is the best bat removal method? There are many methods available in the market for bat removal. We have listed most of them for your help.

Methods for bat removal | Bat Removal

Methods For Bat Removal | 5 that are available in the market

Below methods can help you with bat removal. We found these methods in the market.

  1. Hiring a professional:

    Some companies have trained experts for bat removal. They are taught how to remove bats and their nest from your home without causing any damage. You just have to book an appointment with the company. The trained person will reach your home at the decided time. What do they do? They remove bats by ‘exclusion’ method. They seal the building in such a way that it permits bat exit only. Bats won’t be allowed to re-enter the building. This will remove the bats from your home in some time.

  2. Sprays:

    Sprays can make the bats leave your home. They have such scent which forces the bats to move from their nests. Changing the insulation from the area is important. The area where bats build their nests become smelly. This smell can attract the bats. The bats try to enter that area again because of that specific smell. It is important to make that area smell free. Only if you clean the area properly, the spraying method will work. Else your efforts will be in vain.

  3. A bat house:

    Making a bat house at the location of bats’ nests can make the bats adopt it as their new home. A bat house can reduce the mess in your home. The bat droppings will stay inside the bat home. This can reduce the germs in your home. Bats will not damage the walls of your home. The walls will not be stained by urine and bat droppings. The bats’ homing skills make them return to the place where they had home. Placing a bat home at that place will make them adopt it as their new home.

  4. Netting:

    Netting is a great method for bat removal from your home. By netting, you can stop the bats from entering our home again. If they don’t enter again, eventually you will get rid of bats and your home will be free of them. Do netting at all the openings in your home in such a way that the bats can only escape. It is important to cover all the entry points else the netting will be of no use. The process will take 5-7 days to complete. It can take longer if there is a large population of bats present in your home.

  5. Electrical device:

    Electrical devices repel the bats and make them leave your home. They do this work by electromagnetic technology and ultra variable sound frequencies. These frequencies repel the bats away from your home. In addition to this, these frequencies are not harmful for human beings.

These are the most common methods which are available in the market. But which one of them is the best? Which one is the most reliable yet affordable? Which method will assure you bat removal? Also the most important question. Which one of them is the safest to use? We will answer all of these questions for you.

Reliability and Affordability | Bat Removal

Reliable and affordable method for bat removal | A Comparison

First of all, let me compare the prices for you. How much does the above mentioned bat removal methods cost? Let’s have a look.

Cost for bat removal

Hiring a professional can cost you a lot. Just a low inspection can cost you. Average and high quality inspection can cost you and respectively. Everyone cannot afford such a high priced inspection. Also, if the population of bats is large, it can cost a huge amount to remove bats from your home. It is not a good option if your budget is limited. Sprays, bat house and netting won’t cost you much as you have to do them yourself without any help. The electrical device such as repellers will cost you around $49.99. This amount is pretty much decent and affordable. Most of the people can easily afford such an amount.

Reliable bat removal method

What about reliability? Professionals are trained and can guarantee you a bat free home. But hiring a professional can cost you a lot. Do it yourself methods have a high risk that you may miss something. This will eventually waste your money and time. You don’t know how to deal with such situations nor you are trained. The situation can even become dangerous for you if the bats fight back. The electrical devices are so beneficial for you in such situations. They can save your money and time. You just have to turn the device on and it will repel the bats. Which will make your home bat free. They don’t even cost much and work perfectly if your budget is low.

We have made such an electrical device with intelligent technology. Such frequencies are used which forces the bats to leave your home. Want to know more about our electronic bat control? Keep reading.

Electronic Bat Control | Bat Removal

Electronic bat control | One of the Reliable Method

Our electronic bat control is the best product in the market for bat removal. It costs only $49.99. Isn’t it amazing? You get a bat free home at such a price. The device is so handy and easy to use. You just have to plug it and turn it on. The device will do its work and repel the bats from your home. 

How does this amazing device work? What is the technology used behind it?

How does an electronic bat control device work?

Ultra variable sound frequencies and electromagnetic technology are used. They repel the bats away from your home. Do you know about the plus point? This device is completely safe to use. These sound frequencies are not harmful for the people or pets around it. These are specially designed to repel the bats.

Electronic bat control definitely has many advantages over other methods. This makes it a perfect choice for bat removal.


Bats are beneficial for us and our environment. They control the population of insects around us. But they have bad effects on our health. It is not safe to keep them close. 

Bat removal is very important as soon as you come to know their presence. Diagnose your home and look for the signs. Choose the best bat removal method which is reliable and affordable. 

Electronic bat control is the safest method to go for. Also it is so affordable and reliable. They repel the bats away through sound frequencies. These frequencies are safe for humans and pets. These advantages make electronic bat control the best choice for bat removal.