Bats are important for the ecosystem. But they can become the reason for many problems. Bats can be very dangerous once they start to live in your property. They can cause deadly diseases such as histoplasmosis. How is this disease deadly? This disease attacks your lungs. The condition of a patient can become fatal when not treated as soon as possible. Another disease bats can also transmit is rabies. Also, bats can encourage bacterial growth in your property. With time, the presence of bats in your home can adversely affect the structure of your property, as well as the health of all the people living in it. Due to the danger possessed by bats, bat removal is a must, but at the cost you can afford. 

The good point is you won’t have to experience the hassle of getting rid of bats in these times. There are so many companies that offer professional bat removal services. Also there are many methods available which help in bat exclusion. Different methods have different costs for bat removal. We will be discussing the different methods and their cost for bat removal in this article. Also we are going to mention which method is preferred in terms of cost and reliability.

How many ways are available in the market to remove bats and how are they done? How much each one of bat removal methods cost and which one is better? Continue reading to know the answers of these questions.

Bat removal methods and cost

There are many kinds of bat removal methods available all over the world. Bat removal cost varies from method to method. The important point is to never ever use poison. We don’t want to kill them, we just want to repel them away. Trapping is not effective as well. This is because bats have a home range of about 150 miles. They will typically just keep coming back unless you take them on a three-hour drive.

Below are some methods to get rid of bats. We have discussed each Bat Removal method in detail as well as their cost.

We have discussed in detail all the possible Bat removal methods and their cost. Out of all of these bat removal methods, which one is the best in terms of reliability, security, safety and affordability?

Preferred bat removal method

Among all the options, ultrasonic bat repellent seems to be the best option. Why is it the preferred method? Because you don’t need any professional help to use it nor you have to go near the bats. It is completely safe to use around humans and pets. These repellents are easy to use. You just have to plug them in and watch the bats running out of your home.

ET Bat Repellent

Et Bat Repellent is a best choice if you are looking for an electronic or ultrasonic bat repellent. The range of this bat repellent is 500sq.ft. It uses only 5 watts so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. You don’t have to go near bats to use it. Just plug it in near the area where bats are present and they will go away in some time. The advantage of this ultrasonic bat repellent over other bat repellents is that the frequencies sent by Et Bat Repellent can penetrate through bats.

If we talk about affordability, this bat repellent is more affordable than others . It costs only around $50.00. By looking at the features, the cost is very reasonable and it’s only one time cost. You don’t need to pay again and again. This is the best choice for you if you want to go for an ultrasonic bat repellent at your home and also it can be used commercially. This device will prove itself and you won’t have to think about bats again.

There are some things you should take care of after a bat removal. This will help you to stop their re-infestation. What are they? We have listed a few of them below for your help.

How to stop re-infestation of bats?

Bat re-infestation is a huge problem. You have to go through all of the process again which is not easy. You actually have to work against their nature. Create every situation they don’t like to live in. There are many tips available which work well to stop attracting bats. Some of these tips are mentioned below. Acting upon them can reduce the risk of bat re-infestation.

  1. Cleaning:

    Cleaning the house regularly can greatly help in reducing the risk. Bats don’t like clean places. They love to live in small dark and dirty areas.

  2. Less insects:

    If you have a garden nearby, there is a high chance that the bats may like to live in your home. Bats feed themselves on insects. More flowers mean more insects. Remove the flowers and kill the insects nearby. Kill the insects inside and outside your home. By this, they won’t find a reason to start living in your home and it will be safe from re-infestation.

  3. Remove water sources:

    Bats find an area having a water source nearby so that they won’t have to travel longer. If there is any water source, remove it. Bats will no longer find the place much attractive.

  4. Phenol:

    Use phenol in your home once or twice a month. Humans enjoy the smell of phenol but bats don’t. This is because bats have a strong sense of smell as compared to humans. Using phenol will make your home unpleasant for them to live in.


Bat removal is important but people usually get confused when choosing a bat removal method. They compare the bat removal cost and forget about reliability. Hiring a bat exterminator is a good choice but not everyone can afford it. If you don’t hire one then there is a high chance that the bats residing in your house may extend their colonies and may harm you. Doing bat removal yourself is not recommended.
So, what to do in such a situation? Go for an electronic bat repellent. Bat removal cost is affordable also this is a reliable method. There are many advantages because of which it is preferred over other bat removal methods.