Bats are referred to as “flying rats”. Bats are actually a vital part of the ecological system of this planet. They can provide a valuable service. One-fifth of all the mammal species are bats in the world. There are many kinds of bats found all over the world. Bats are good for our nature. Bats disperse large amounts of seed and pollen. This helps plants in reproduction and forestry growth. These flying mammals are amazing creatures and an important part of the ecosystem. Because they devour a huge number of insects every night. They help and provide a real benefit to humans by reducing harmful pests in the great outdoors.

Over the centuries, bats have gotten a bad rap from humans. The problem starts when they decide to start living inside your home. They are considered a pest when they start living in your home. You should get rid of them as fast as you can. Though they are very beneficial for us in many ways, we cannot let them live near us. It is important to clean our home completely from bats. For this purpose, we may need a bat exterminator. Many companies provide the services. In this article we will talk about exterminators. Also what you should do to get rid of bats. But first it is important to get some information about bats. This will help you in choosing the best bat exterminator among all. You will understand their techniques better. Let’s have a look at the environment bats live in and their behavior.

Environment in which bats live

Bats are known as adaptable creatures. When deciding to settle at a place, bats have some concerns. These include access to food and water, safety from predators and adverse conditions. Bats will often set up roosts in a variety of places. These include caves, old mine shafts, and under bridges. Bats try to avoid areas with harsh weather conditions. Also they avoid the areas exposed to the elements by hibernating (or migrating) for up to six months inside structures like a house, or a barn.

Behavior of bats

The breeding season of most of the bats starts from spring. It lasts until fall when mating season leads into hibernation. The lifespan of a bat can range from 20 years all the way up to 30 years. Bats avoid human contact. For this reason, you may only come to know about their presence because of brown stains under small and dark openings. These stains are because of the bat droppings.

Bats keep hiding in their home during the day time. They are the most active at night. Being active at night helps them in avoiding humans. Bats have a poor eyesight. They rely on echolocation to travel and locate their food. Blind bats can survive but deaf bats cannot. Approximately 70% of bat species feed only on insects.
Bats become a nuisance when they take up roost inside attics and other undisturbed areas of homes or commercial buildings. Bats can enter any small dark opening just through a hole as small as 3/8 of an inch. Homeowners might be alerted to the possibility of bats by the sound of scratching in an attic or wall, or from the odor of their guano.

What are the damages caused by bats? Only if you know the damage bats cause, you will be able to avoid and repair it. Also it will help you in understanding the strategies of bat exterminators better.

Damages caused by bats

Having bats can result in health issues. Also, they can damage your home. How do they cause these damages?

Health Issues

Bats may have some benefits such as controlling insect populations and plant reproduction. But they can cause a health risk. There is a high risk you might catch any deadly disease because of bats. Most notably rabies and histoplasmosis are caused because of bats. Bats, along with dogs, foxes and raccoons are a primary transmitter of the rabies virus. Rabies is typically spread from the bite of a rabid animal. Rabies is an extremely deadly disease if left untreated. Bats can transfer this disease to your pets as well. If a rabid animal bites you, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately.

Histoplasmosis is most commonly associated with bats. It originated from a fungus present in bat droppings. This disease primarily affects the lungs of a person. Histoplasmosis grows in surfaces and materials contaminated with bat droppings. You can mostly find them on the floor. Breathing in an area with bat droppings can make you catch this deadly disease. Surfaces contaminated by bat droppings, when disturbed, can release infectious spores that could potentially be hazardous to a homeowners health.

Bats cause serious health issues, but they also destroy the structure of your home as well. Bat droppings and urine can accumulate over time. This results in stains on ceilings or sheetrock. Prolonged guano and urine accumulation can even soak through support elements. This causes portions of the structure to become compromised. Further, bat guano and urine can cause immediate damage. They cause damage and contamination to attic insulation and other items stored in an attic.

Damaged home

Bat droppings can make the color of our walls brown. The wall under small and dark openings can be affected because of guano and urine. This is also a clear indication that there are bats living in the area above that wall.

Bats will spread guano all over the open areas of your home. This will make your house look dirty. Bats can also destroy the structure of your home while raising their young ones. They have strong teeth and can damage the brick and walls especially.

Now you know the potential damage that bats cause to you and your home, you might be thinking of tackling this problem yourself. But, before starting out you need to know about the risks if you try to exterminate the bats yourself. Moreover, you will get to know about why you should hire a bat exterminator?

Risks and deadly disease that come with DIY bat extermination

The solution of getting rid of bats yourself comes with hazardous and fatal problems. Although, bats are not an aggressive mammal. But if they become aggressive the situation can become very problematic. Many companies market DIY repellents that utilize various chemicals. We are never sure about these chemicals that they will work or not. Their general effectiveness is fairly hit-or-miss. Sprays might not be effective if you just do it on the suspected entry points. Also, the chemicals can even hurt the bats and may be hazardous for your own health too. And may be because of chemicals or sprays, they can be aggressive and can attack back. So you should try to avoid chemical solutions. You also want to avoid sealing off crevices, as trapping bats in your house can create even more problems. There is a chance that the bats might kill you if you try to get rid of them yourself. This is because you are not trained to deal with them. You can get rabies if they bite you.

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease. It can spread to people and pets if they are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal. In the United States, rabies is mostly found in wild animals like bats, raccoons, skunks, and foxes. However, in many other countries dogs still carry rabies, and most rabies deaths in people around the world are caused by dog bites.

The rabies virus infects the central nervous system. If a person does not receive the appropriate medical care after a potential rabies exposure, the virus can cause disease in the brain, ultimately resulting in death. Rabies can be prevented by vaccinating pets, staying away from wildlife, and seeking medical care after potential exposures before symptoms start.

For the sake of you and your loved ones, it is a better option to seek professional help. This is where Bat exterminators come into the role. They are trained professionals and will tackle this problem for you. They exactly know what to do. Before hiring a bat exterminator, it is important to know who they are? What do bad exterminators do? What services do they provide? Are there other methods to remove bats? Should you go for the services of a bat exterminator? This article has all the information you need to know about bat exterminators.

Who is a bat exterminator?

There are companies which provide the facility of a bat exterminator. Bat exterminator is a trained person. He is an expert at exterminating bats. He knows all the do’s and don’ts one should do while removing bats. He knows the psychology of bats and knows how to deal with them.

If you diagnose that you have a bat infestation the first thing you should do is seek professional help immediately. While bats may be cute, they are still wild animals that will defend themselves when they feel threatened. They may become aggressive and harm you.

So let’s learn about what does a bat exterminator do? What are the techniques they use? How bat exterminators do that?

What is the job of a bat exterminator?

The first thing a bat exterminator does is inspection. This means diagnosing the problem. Some companies charge for an inspection. Some do it for free. How do they inspect and what steps are involved in inspection? Let’s take a look.


To get rid of bats the most important thing is to do a thorough inspection. Bats commonly inhabitant attics, but can also be found in chimneys, or even inside a home. A proper inspection will reveal potential entry points as well as any areas contaminated with guano or urine.

Inspection involves two major steps. The first one is to identify, are there bats living in your home? The second step is to gather a clear information about the population of bats present there. So, how do they diagnose the problem?


Diagnosis involves different methods. A bat exterminator checks for signs in detail. Some of the techniques to diagnose the presence of bats are discussed below.

  1. Spotting guano:
    A bat exterminator usually looks for bat droppings at different open areas of the house. If they are present at a large scale, this indicates the presence of bats in your home. Now they know about their presence. What next? Identify the areas where they are living.
  2. Brown stains:
    You may notice brown stains on walls. These stains are because of the bat droppings and urine. They are mostly present under dark and small openings. They indicate the areas where bats are present.

The second step is to estimate the population of bats.

Estimate the population

The second and most important part of inspection is estimating the population of bats present in your home. For this purpose, they use special machines and techniques which estimate their population inside the place bats live. Why is it the most important step? The treatment a bat exterminator chooses to treat the problem depends on the popularity of bats in infested place.

After the inspection is complete, the next step is how do they treat the bats after an inspection? And what are the methods they use to get rid of bats? How much suitable and safe are these methods?


How do they exterminate bats? What are the approaches they use to exterminate bats?

  1. Netting:
    A special net made for bat extermination is used in this method. Bats have very strong and sharp teeth. This net is made accordingly. Bats cannot tear the net. Netting is done in such a way that bats are only allowed to exit the area but not allowed to enter again. Netting stops re-entry of bats into the area. Bats always come back to their home. This will prevent them from coming in.
  2. Changing the insulation:
    The next step after exterminating the bats is to change the insulation. Bats are attracted to their own smell. They always prefer the place where they find their own smell. For this reason, it is important to change the insulation immediately. This will not force them to notice the spot again. This is the best approach to not get your home infested with bats again.
  3. Permanently closing the entry points:
    After the insulation is changed, a bat exterminator closes all the entry points permanently. This will not allow the bats to re-enter at that spot again. They may do it with a net or other tools available for this purpose.
  4. Proper cleaning:
    The last thing a bat exterminator does is properly clean your house. This cleaning will make your house free from guano and bat droppings. The smell will be removed as well during this process.

Bat exterminators usually follow the above mentioned steps to make your house free of bats. If you try to do these steps yourself you might hurt yourself. They have the proper tools to reach any height. Also they know how to deal with aggressive bats. We have no experience whereas they are properly trained to handle every mood of bats. It is always a better option to consult a bat exterminator. But before that it’s important to know that how much do they cost for extermination?

How much does a bat exterminator charge?

The starting price of a bat extermination is around $250 – $300. Normally, it costs $400 for a normal sized colony of bats. The price can go up to $600 depending upon the population of bats. If the area and population is very large, The cost can even touch $8000. The price to remove a single bat is around $275.

Choosing a bat exterminator is definitely a good choice. But the problem is not everyone can afford such a huge amount and as mentioned earlier, it’s not safe to do it yourself. For this purpose, we have found an even more effective, safe and reliable alternative. Something that is easy to use, secure and also light on your pocket. And that alternative is Electronic devices. They work wonders in such situations.


Electronic bat repellers are the best option available in the market. They are cheaper when compared to a bat exterminator, and are hassle free. “ET Bat Control” is an electronic bat repellent device which works wonders. This repellent device not only repels the bats that are present inside the house, but also keep the bats away from the house for as long as it’s plugged in. Let’s dig into it’s working and other features.

ET Bat Control

Et Bat Control is basically an electronic bat repeller. It is reliable as compared to other repellers available in the market. People using this device are quite satisfied with the working of the product.


The ET Bat Control uses ultrasonic variable sound frequencies and electromagnetic technology. Bats cannot bear these sound frequencies. The main purpose of a repeller is to make the bats uncomfortable so that they may leave the site. ET Bat Control fulfils this purpose. It emits ultrasonic frequencies which can only be heard by bats and make them distress which results in bats leaving the area. It is for sure easy to use but the question is why is it better than a bat exterminator? Have a look on below mentioned points.

Safe to use

ET Bat Control is completely safe to use. How? You cannot do everything yourself that a bat exterminator does. But you can safely use this repellent device yourself securely. You just have to plug it in near the colony of bats and you are done. Bats will leave your home themselves very soon. But does it cost less than bat exterminators? The comparison below will give the complete insight about the cost of a bat exterminator and an ET Bat Control.


As we mentioned earlier, a bat exterminator cost around $250 – $300 for just removing a single bat. The cost can go up to $8000 depending on the situation. Not everyone can afford such a big amount. On the other hand, ET Bat Control costs you only around $50. When you compare the amounts, ET Bat Control is much reasonable. Also it guarantees to remove bats from your home. ET Bat Control is the best option if you want to get something safe, reliable, easy to use and affordable.


If you find out that your home is infested with bats, seek help from a bat exterminator immediately. Do not try to handle things yourself. The reason is you might hurt yourself and end up catching any deadly disease like rabies.
Though bat exterminators are a good option to get rid of bats but not everyone can afford them. Choosing a bat exterminator can cost you a huge amount. For this reason, switch to a better and affordable option. ET Bat Control is much better than other methods in so many ways. It is affordable, when compared to the services of a bat exterminator, hassle free, and your go-to solution. Also it will repel the bats away from your home very soon and will not let them come again until plugged.