Bats are the animals known for hiding at dark places. There are different types of bats. Forty of their different species are found in the USA. Since the discovery of bats, 980 species of bats have been identified. On average, bats can live up to 30 years. This can vary according to the species. Bats are present in a large amount all over the world. Almost 25 % of the world’s mammals are bats. Even higher than this percentage but this is an estimate. So, bat control is very important no matter if you have bats in your home or not.

Sometimes, bats escape their natural habitat. They try to get into your home and succeed sometimes. Bats are beneficial for nature as they provide fertilizer for plants, spread their seeds and are natural insect controllers. But we don’t want them to start living in our home. Why? What are the fears which come with having bats in your home? You can get an infection because of the bat droppings. Bats are not aggressive, but can attack if not handled properly. Bats can destroy the structure of your home. They can invite more bats and bugs to your home. It’s very important to control bats and in order to do so we first need to be aware of their habitat, living, food, and their reproduction. Also how do they feed while living in your home? What are the characteristics we need to know about them?

Characteristics of Bats | Bat Control

Characteristics of bats

Bats are mammals known for their flying specialty. They are considered as the smallest mammals. Like other mammals, they also feed their young ones milk. Bats are found all over the world except for colder regions. They usually hide during the day time in dark places. They don’t live alone and are usually found in groups living in a dark place. If you find any bat, there must be others hiding nearby. Bats do see well, but they rely on their sense of hearing. Bats emit high frequency sounds.

These frequencies produce echo when they hit an object. This gives them the information about the size, shape and distance from the object. Blind bats can survive easily without any difficulty but deafness leaves them helpless. Bats can fly at a speed of 100 miles per hour. What is the physical appearance of bats? What do they look like?

Physical appearance of bats

Bats are found in different sizes. Some of them are very small and some have a comparatively bigger size. Small bats are 15 cm wide whereas bid ones have 1.5 meters wingspan. They have pointed large ears. They usually have crown or grey fur on them. Mouth of a bat is similar to a rat. Bats have long fingers and long arms. Wings are made because of the membranes which join their arms and fingers to their legs. Their muscles make it easy to fly. To take rest, they usually hang upside down. Bats are very flexible. This allows them to have full range of movement. Bats have very sharp teeth. Because of them, they can easily peel through the skin of fruits or prey.

Though bats are very useful for our environment and our surroundings, we need to stay away from them. We cannot give them room near the place we live. We need to do something for bat removal and bat control. A few bat removal methods are mentioned below. If you want detailed information about removing bats from your home, check our article “bat removal”.

Bat Removal | Bat Control

Bat removal

This is an important step before bat control. Bat removal will only help you in getting rid of bats. These will not help you in controlling them. Below mentioned methods are just some useful ones out of all those available in the market.

  1. Hiring a professional:

    Professionals are trained specially for bat removal. They exactly know which bat removal treatment will work for you. They are experts at it. The only drawback is they are very expensive. Hiring a professional can cost you a huge amount. The number of bats is directly proportional to the cost. The greater the population of bats, the more you will be charged. There are some affordable and reliable methods available in the market. You just have to do a proper research before choosing a bat removal method.

  2. Sprays:

    Sprays can make the bats run away from your home. The scent of spray is not bearable for bats. After they leave your home, don’t forget to clean the place completely. It is important to even change the insulation. Even if the smell is left in the area, bats can come back. Bats are attracted to their smell and can start living there again.

  3. Electrical devices:

    There are electrical devices such as repellents available in the market. These devices are so handy and easy to use. Just plug them near the area where bats are present and they will do their job. These devices emit sound frequencies and use electromagnetic technology. These frequencies repel the bats away from your home. You have to clean the area for extra safety, to make sure the bats don’t come back. In addition to all of these advantages, these devices are safe to use. The frequencies have no effect on human beings. If you are finding a reliable and affordable bat removal method, consider electrical devices.

The important step after bat removal is bat control. Bat removal alone is not enough. You have to work on bat control. How to stop bats from coming back into your home? What measures should you take to avoid giving them space around you? Here is a detailed discussion on bat control. What measures should you take? Below are some helpful tips for you. There is a high risk that bats will come back if you don’t follow these.

Measures for Bat Control | Bat Control

Measures for bat control

Bat control is important even if you never had bats in your home. Also if you had bats in your home, then taking these steps are a must. Precautions can save a lot of things like your home, money and time. These are a few easy steps which can help you in protecting your home from these creatures.

  1. Bat proof structure:

    Creating a bat proof structure helps in maintaining a bat free home. It is important to do this when bats are away from your home. They usually go in hibernation in autumn. Else, there is a chance you might box their babies inside your home. They will try to come out from other parts of your home later. Close all the small openings in your home to make it bat proof. Especially the openings which lead to dark areas. Before this, clean those areas properly.

  2. Exclusion strips:

    Exclusion strips for bats are easily available in the market. These stripes don’t give room to bats in the small and dark areas. You just have to place them in the small openings and dark corners of your home. They don’t need any adhesives to stick. This is because they are constructed with reticulated polyurethane which allows insulation without any adhesives. These are very lightweight, flexible and can be easily compressed. These qualities make it safe to use. Exclusion strips do not damage the structure of your home. Also these strips are eco-friendly. Another advantage is these are 100 percent toxic free and harmless.

  3. Hercules putty:

    This is used just as adhesive. This helps in bat controlling methods. It is used at places where you cannot use adhesive or screws for netting. It can be easily used on aluminium. Also, it does not change the color of the aluminium. The aluminium would look even cleaner when it is removed.

  4. Bat netting:

    Bat netting is a very effective method when it comes to bat control. You can cover the dark areas and small openings with netting. Netting is not easily chewable. Though bats have sharp teeth but the net is made accordingly. They won’t be able to rip the net. It can be easily attached with the help of Hercules putty or staple. Net is light in weight and is flexible. You can easily shape it. You just have to melt it. The melting temperature of the net is 363°F.

  5. Electrical devices:

    There are electrical devices such as repellents available in the market. It is very important to install a repellent as it keeps the bats away from your home. Repellents placed near dark areas guarantee that the bats won’t even come near that spot. There are repellents available with different ranges. Make sure the repellent you choose is reliable. Place the repellent according to your need.

  6. Pro-Cone Multi Use excluder:

    This is a cone used for bats exclusion and is multi use. It is available in three styles. The styles are round, square and corner. The round and square are not angled whereas the corner one is angled down. It is made of durable clear polycarbonate. These cones can be used multiple times for exclusion. How does it work? It is placed in the downward direction in the small dark openings. These cones allow the bats to leave the place but does not allow them to re-enter. It is impossible for bats to re-enter because of the hard plastic.

After having a detailed look at the problems and the solutions available in the market for bat control, we made a device. We made a repellent which is very efficient and affordable. It uses the advanced technology which makes sure the bats are repelled away from your home. In addition to all of these advantages, this is the most easy to use device. You just have to plug it and turn it on. Also, we found this device the most safest method.

How does this device work? How much does it cost? What are the benefits you will get for using it over other devices?

ET Bat Control | Bat Control

ET Bat Control

What is Et Bat Control? The name of our company is DnR technologies. We have a device named ET Bat control. This device is made while keeping in mind the needs of people. We have tried to make it as affordable and reliable it can be. This device is basically a repellent. It repels the bats away from your home. What is the technology behind this device?

How does ET Bat Control work?

Our device uses electromagnetic technology and ultra variable sound frequencies. These frequencies are not bearable by bats. This repels the bats away from your home. This is the best device among other methods available in the market. Is this device safe to use?

Is ET Bat Control safe to use?

Our device is completely safe to use. This is the advantage you get by using it over other methods. The ultra variable sound frequencies released by the device are not harmful for human beings. Also it is safe to use it around pets and electronics.

How to use ET Bat Control?

Simply plug in the device and turn it on. It has adjustable targeting ability. The electricity this device uses is less than 5 watts of power. This makes it even more affordable. Adjustable pitch keeps the sound fresh. How much does this affordable yet reliable device cost?

How much does ET Bat Control cost?

As compared to other methods, ET Bat Control is extremely affordable. It costs just $49.99. While other methods cost above $60. ET Bat Control will not waste your money. Also it will provide you the best results.


Bats can cause a problematic situation if not removed and controlled. Bats have a good sense of hearing by which they come to know what kind of object is in front of them. Before bat control, it is important to get rid of bats completely. The insulation where those bats lived should be changed . Clean the dark small corners in your home and cover them.

You should go for a bat control method even if you never had bats in your home. Always find a reliable and affordable method that won’t waste your money. ET Bat Controller is the best choice for bat control. It repels the bats away from your home and is easy to use. Also it is safe to use around humans, pets and electronics.