• Bat Pest Control | Let’s Remove Bats once and for all | DnR
    Bats are the only mammals capable of flight. They are a crucial part of our ecosystem. Bats are responsible for pest control like mosquitoes from getting out of hand. Bats are known as destroyers of fruits. No matter how useful they are, they have a bad reputation. They are referred to as “flying rats.” They […]Read More »
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    Bats are important for the ecosystem. But they can become the reason for many problems. Bats can be very dangerous once they start to live in your property. They can cause deadly diseases such as histoplasmosis. How is this disease deadly? This disease attacks your lungs. The condition of a patient can become fatal when […]Read More »
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    Having bats has always been an issue. And if they have a large colony nearby, the situation becomes very annoying. Generally, bats around your home do not pose any direct danger to you or your family. But they can create some issues for you. You may experience some bad odor issues. Having bats in your […]Read More »
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    Bats do provide us some major benefits. They make good neighbors. The reason is bats outsized appetites for insects, like mosquito, worm etc., that irritate us. Farmers save almost $1 billion every year. All the credit goes to bats for saving such a huge amount. How? Because they act as nontoxic pest control that eat […]Read More »
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    The population of bats is decreasing day by day. This is NOT a good sign. Bats are very important for our ecosystem. They control the insect population around us. Also helps in fertilization for plants and distributes their seeds. Decreasing bats will result in a disturbed environment. So, the main goal should always be making […]Read More »
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    Bats are referred to as “flying rats”. Bats are actually a vital part of the ecological system of this planet. They can provide a valuable service. One-fifth of all the mammal species are bats in the world. There are many kinds of bats found all over the world. Bats are good for our nature. Bats […]Read More »
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    Bats are the animals known for hiding at dark places. There are different types of bats. Forty of their different species are found in the USA. Since the discovery of bats, 980 species of bats have been identified. On average, bats can live up to 30 years. This can vary according to the species. Bats […]Read More »
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    Bats are a part of our surroundings. Like every other animal and bird, we need them in our environment for a certain purpose. But this doesn’t mean we want them to live in our house or building. Bats have their own benefits. But they spread some serious diseases when they come in contact with humans. […]Read More »