Pest Control | About D&R

DNR Technologies LLC. is dedicated to providing customers with environmentally friendly electronic bat control and pest control products. Whereas our prices are exclusively competitive.

Our electronic bat control product focuses on repelling bats. ET bat Control /Pest Control uses Ultrasonic Sounds, Electromagnetic Technology, and Ultra Variable Sound frequencies to repel bats. In addition, these technologies are safe for the environment and do not harm the health of humans.

We here at D&R feel that our product will help solve home and commercial bat problems. It’s safe as it soes not involve the high costs of expensive sprays, poisons, traps, and even professional exterminators.

DNR Technologies LLC. gives 100% outstanding customer service. With that said, it is very important to us that we answer any questions that our customers might have with a quick response. If any problems occurs and you are dissatisfied, DNR is fair and understanding, and will do it’s best to make you happy.

So thank you for visiting our site and trusting the professionals as ET bat control / Pest Control is just a plug-in away.