Bats are important for the ecosystem. But they can become the reason for many problems. Bats can be very dangerous once they start to live in your property. They can cause deadly diseases such as histoplasmosis. How is this disease deadly? This disease attacks your lungs. The condition of a patient can become fatal when not treated as soon as possible. Another disease bats can also transmit is rabies. Also, bats can encourage bacterial growth in your property. With time, the presence of bats in your home can adversely affect the structure of your property, as well as the health of all the people living in it. Due to the danger possessed by bats, bat removal is a must, but at the cost you can afford. 

The good point is you won’t have to experience the hassle of getting rid of bats in these times. There are so many companies that offer professional bat removal services. Also there are many methods available which help in bat exclusion. Different methods have different costs for bat removal. We will be discussing the different methods and their cost for bat removal in this article. Also we are going to mention which method is preferred in terms of cost and reliability.

How many ways are available in the market to remove bats and how are they done? How much each one of bat removal methods cost and which one is better? Continue reading to know the answers of these questions.

Bat removal methods and cost

There are many kinds of bat removal methods available all over the world. Bat removal cost varies from method to method. The important point is to never ever use poison. We don’t want to kill them, we just want to repel them away. Trapping is not effective as well. This is because bats have a home range of about 150 miles. They will typically just keep coming back unless you take them on a three-hour drive.

Below are some methods to get rid of bats. We have discussed each Bat Removal method in detail as well as their cost.

We have discussed in detail all the possible Bat removal methods and their cost. Out of all of these bat removal methods, which one is the best in terms of reliability, security, safety and affordability?

Preferred bat removal method

Among all the options, ultrasonic bat repellent seems to be the best option. Why is it the preferred method? Because you don’t need any professional help to use it nor you have to go near the bats. It is completely safe to use around humans and pets. These repellents are easy to use. You just have to plug them in and watch the bats running out of your home.

ET Bat Repellent

Et Bat Repellent is a best choice if you are looking for an electronic or ultrasonic bat repellent. The range of this bat repellent is 500sq.ft. It uses only 5 watts so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. You don’t have to go near bats to use it. Just plug it in near the area where bats are present and they will go away in some time. The advantage of this ultrasonic bat repellent over other bat repellents is that the frequencies sent by Et Bat Repellent can penetrate through bats.

If we talk about affordability, this bat repellent is more affordable than others . It costs only around $50.00. By looking at the features, the cost is very reasonable and it’s only one time cost. You don’t need to pay again and again. This is the best choice for you if you want to go for an ultrasonic bat repellent at your home and also it can be used commercially. This device will prove itself and you won’t have to think about bats again.

There are some things you should take care of after a bat removal. This will help you to stop their re-infestation. What are they? We have listed a few of them below for your help.

How to stop re-infestation of bats?

Bat re-infestation is a huge problem. You have to go through all of the process again which is not easy. You actually have to work against their nature. Create every situation they don’t like to live in. There are many tips available which work well to stop attracting bats. Some of these tips are mentioned below. Acting upon them can reduce the risk of bat re-infestation.

  1. Cleaning:

    Cleaning the house regularly can greatly help in reducing the risk. Bats don’t like clean places. They love to live in small dark and dirty areas.

  2. Less insects:

    If you have a garden nearby, there is a high chance that the bats may like to live in your home. Bats feed themselves on insects. More flowers mean more insects. Remove the flowers and kill the insects nearby. Kill the insects inside and outside your home. By this, they won’t find a reason to start living in your home and it will be safe from re-infestation.

  3. Remove water sources:

    Bats find an area having a water source nearby so that they won’t have to travel longer. If there is any water source, remove it. Bats will no longer find the place much attractive.

  4. Phenol:

    Use phenol in your home once or twice a month. Humans enjoy the smell of phenol but bats don’t. This is because bats have a strong sense of smell as compared to humans. Using phenol will make your home unpleasant for them to live in.


Bat removal is important but people usually get confused when choosing a bat removal method. They compare the bat removal cost and forget about reliability. Hiring a bat exterminator is a good choice but not everyone can afford it. If you don’t hire one then there is a high chance that the bats residing in your house may extend their colonies and may harm you. Doing bat removal yourself is not recommended.
So, what to do in such a situation? Go for an electronic bat repellent. Bat removal cost is affordable also this is a reliable method. There are many advantages because of which it is preferred over other bat removal methods.

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Having bats has always been an issue. And if they have a large colony nearby, the situation becomes very annoying. Generally, bats around your home do not pose any direct danger to you or your family. But they can create some issues for you. You may experience some bad odor issues. Having bats in your house can cause a strong odor from the bat guano and urine. Also, excessive noise from the bats fluttering around is a major issue. You may have a fearful feeling. Apart from these issues, bats carry a lot of diseases. It is unlikely that a bat will bite you as they are not aggressive. But if they do, you can catch deadly diseases. Do you have a bat problem that does not seem to go away, no matter what you do? If so, you may have come across a device on the market known as ultrasonic bat repellent. These can be useful, but only if applied in the right circumstances and conditions.

Bats navigate by echolocation as they have a very good sense of hearing. A bat uses echo by sending out high-pitched sounds that the objects reflect and bats are able to detect them at night. Because of their good sense of hearing, ultrasonic devices turns out to be useful in repelling bats. High-frequency sounds of an ultrasonic deterrent will make the area of your home inhospitable for bats and thus forcing them to leave.

Before learning about ultrasonic bat repellents, let’s have a look at tips and tricks to keep the bats away from your home.

Tips and Tricks for Removing Bats

It is a pretty common issue to have bats outside and around your house. A lot of people have but what happens when they get into your house? There is no immediate issue for having bats in your home, but there are risks associated with this issue.

Here are some effective ways that will help in removing bats safely.

  1. The first and most important thing is to find the entry point of bats. If you can locate their access point, you may be able to plug it and prevent them from getting back in.
  2. Bats carry a lot of diseases. If you try to trap them, they will feel threatened and you could face a pretty nasty infection if you get bitten.
  3. Once you locate the access points, wait for the bats to leave the room. Make sure that all the bats have left the room and none is inside.
  4. After the bats are gone, close all the access points. Using a foam or netting, you can do this. Choose whatever is suitable for you.
  5. Next is to clean all the bat guano from the room. Bats leave a lot of waste behind due to their diet and bat guano can corrode wood or metal and has a powerful odor. It can attract extra pests like cockroaches. Also fungus present in guano can spread lung diseases. Use a specialized fogger to break down all the waste for cleaning.
  6. Next is to change the insulation. Bats own smell attracts them which cause them to come back. For this reason, make sure to clean the place and change the insulation.

Below are listed some tips to keep the bats away from your home.

  1. How to scare the bats?:

    There are many effective methods that discourage bats. Like, using an ammonia repellent for keeping the bats away from your home. Also, markets offer machines that make noises at high frequencies to scare the bats. The only drawback is these noises disturb humans as well. Once the bats leave the roosting areas, seal all the entries and exits with wood or caulk.

  2. What are the bats afraid of?:

    Bats are afraid of lights and very high frequency sounds. Make sure to light up the area where there is a chance for having bats. The bats like to live at dark places only.

  3. How to keep the bats away from home?:

    Window screens, chimney caps, and draft-guards beneath doors to attics helps a lot in stopping the bats from entering your home. Fill electrical and plumbing holes with stainless steel wool or caulking, and ensure that all doors to the outside close tightly. Prevent bats from roosting in attics or buildings by covering outside entry points.

Here are some common questions people have about bats. We have tried our best to provide you with accurate and adequate knowledge.

  1. What deadly disease does bats spread?:

    Unlikely bat behavior, if by any chance it bites you there is a high risk that you may catch rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease caused by some animals which include bats. Also, they spread a lung disease through their guano. There is fungus present in guano. Taking breath in an atmosphere having guano can make you catch this disease. These reasons make bats less likely for people to keep them as pets.

  2. Do bats come back after being removed?:

    Bats always come back to the place they have lived. They may leave for hibernation but they will return back. Also, if you have not cleaned the area properly, they may get attracted to the place. You have to clean the place properly and close it if you don’t want bat infestation again.

  3. Is there any natural repellent that works well?:

    Yes, peppermint oil works good as bat repellent. Planting peppermint plants or spraying peppermint oil around your home or area you desire to repel the bats from is one of the most natural and effective remedies to use. Essential oils work good as a repellent as well. These include mint essential oils and plants to use are wintergreen, spearmint and chocolate mint.

There are many ways available in the market to deter bats. Bats won’t leave your home easily so it is a tough task. Out of all the ways available, only few are effective, reliable and long lasting.

After reading about removing bats and getting your most asked questions, it’s time to read about how to deter bats? How many methods are there? Which one is the best?

How to Deter Bats

Before deterring bats, we should keep one thing in our mind. We only have to repel bats, our goal is not to kill them. We don’t want to kill them because they are beneficial for our environment, too. If you own pets and need to let them out at night, you might also worry about rabies if you reside in a highly bat populated area.

There are many ways available in the market to deter bats. If you want a detailed discussion over this topic, head over to our article “Bat Deterrent”. A few are discussed below. The outcome of this discussion will be to let you know about the best method to repel bats.

  1. Bright lights

    Bat’s usually love to live in dark places. What you can do is act against their nature. Light up the areas where there is a bat infestation. They can be easily repelled if you install bright lights. They won’t like the place and leave to search for a new home.

  2. Mothballs

    Mothballs are used as a repellent all over the world. What makes it a repellent is the active ingredient “naphthalene” present inside it. This is the only registered chemical for indoor use. It is harmful if used in a high amount.

  3. Loud sound

    As mentioned before, bats rely on their sense of hearing during the dark to catch their prey. Playing loud sounds will scare and repel them away. The drawback is that this sound will disturb the humans too.

  4. Ultrasonic bat repellent

    Ultrasonic bat repellent is a big innovation in the field of bat repellents. They work like loud sounds except the fact that they do not disturb humans, as they send ultrasonic sound variable frequencies. These are not audible by humans. These ultrasonic frequencies disturbs the bats using their good sense of hearing.

Every ultrasonic repellent available in the market has some pros and cons over other devices. We have reviewed some of them for you. Based on reviews, we are going to suggest the ultrasonic bat repellent that we think is the best.

Ultrasonic Bat Repellent Devices

If you have a big population of bats around your property, they might become a problem for you, sooner or later. The safest and most effective method, in the longer run, available in the market to repel bats is ultrasonic bat repellents. Many customers of these repellents are unsure whether or not these devices are the real deal.

How ultrasonic bat repellent works

Ultrasonic bat repellent devices do work effectively. They are safe to use. Another advantage of using them is that they are eco-friendly. They do not harm wildlife or the surrounding environment. Another quality they have is, they protect your home from other wild animals too except bats.

Ultrasonic bat repellents are a great way to start if you want something safe, affordable and reliable. To get the desired results, it is important to choose the best ultrasonic bat repellent. All of them don’t work the same. They have different features. Also some of them don’t work and this is a general belief among consumers.

Ultrasonic bat repellent available in the market

Ultrasonic bat repellents are available in various options in the market. There are different kinds of repellents available by different brands. They all differ in quality, application, features, and price. Your choice depends on the area and your overall budget. Many are designed to also fend off other pests. Also, bat repellent devices are generally easy to use and safe for your health. Most of the bat repellents simply require you to plug it in and they do rest of the work on their own.

With these benefits, some have optimal deworming and electromagnetic features too. Other features include long range and the ability to penetrate through walls. Some ultrasonic bat repellents come with warranties or lifetime guarantees. These repellents can be used for home or commercial use.

We have listed a few ultrasonic bat repellents below.

SereneLife Solar Bat Repellent

What are the key features of this bat repellent?

  1. It is particularly designed for bats
  2. Large range coverage
  3. It is safe to use around animals
  4. It has solar recharging batteries
  5. Durable housing construction

If you are looking for outdoor use, you can go for this bat repellent. The SereneLife is an ultrasonic pest repellent, coming with the motion detector. It will trigger its ultrasonic sounds and strong LED light to scare and annoy the bats away.

This bat repellent is strong and powerful. It can cover 30ft horizontal coverage and 110 degree infrared sensor. That gives it the best chance to repel birds and bats quite effectively.

The solar charged batteries can cover both daylight and nighttime well. In the case of a cloudy or rainy day, 4 AA batteries will do the job great. The repellent, in the meantime, is extremely safe for animals around. What are the disadvantages of this bat repellent?

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Repellent

There are not enough reviews to tell the consumers point of view. Also the range is not too much, it’s quite ok. Overall it is at your own risk if you want to go for it or not depending on your requirement.

Izbie Z1 Ultrasonic Bat Repellent

What are the features of this bat repellent?

  1. Repels bats and other pests.
  2. Defense the garden day and night.
  3. It is eco-friendly and safe to use.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. It has durable construction.

This is another outdoor design. It is perfectly waterproof to stay against tough weather while doing its job. This Izbie Z1 ultrasonic bat repellent works not only with bats, but also rodents, mice, deer, dogs and snakes.

It uses high frequency sounds to repel the bats away from your hoe for day and night. The batteries used are solar rechargeable ones. So you don’t have to worry about that. It is eco-friendly, will not harm animals, and is cruel-free.

If we talk about the overall construction of this repellent, it is a strong and durable one with lightweight ABS plastic along with the IP44 certified waterproof. Though with rain, snow or wind, the repellent will still be there working great. After the installation, you will find this extremely sturdy too. What are the disadvantages of this bat repellent?

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Repellent

Several users instead have bought this to deal with squirrels, and they see no difference. They assume that it does not particularly work with squirrels and suggested others not to buy it. With bats, there are no specific reviews.

ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system)

What are the features of this bat repellent?

  1. Pest Direct Targeting (Target all the ET’s Power to either BATS / Insects or Rodents)
  2. High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds covering 5000 sq. ft.
  3. Electromagnetic High Impact Repelling (For Deep Inner Wall Repelling)
  4. Twin Scanning Technology (Helps Repel Pest with Greater Demand)
  5. Pest Confusion Selector (Hit pest with different Repulsive Sounds)

ET Pest Control gives you Direct Targeting Control. Its High Range Targets Insects or bats specifically. Its Coverage is 5000 sq. ft. in an open area which is a big area. This technology helps in repelling most pests out of your home or business. The ET Pest Control is built with TST. This is Two High Powered Speakers which results in greater repelling coverage. The ET Electromagnetic Repelling utilizes the wiring within your walls. This helps the signals to penetrate through walls. Also it is very easy to use. There is nothing that you need to set as you simply plug-in the ET and the wiring within your walls starts to repel. What are the disadvantages of this repellent?

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Repellent?

There is no such thing which should be considered as a disadvantage in this bat repellent. Only if you want to repel bats at an area greater than 500sq.ft., you may want to use more units.

After discussing features and details of some of the bat repellents in the market, we will compare customer reviews for you and mention the best product in the eyes of their customers. This will help you in selecting one that really works.


By looking at reviews, we have found ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system) the best. Also it comes with a one year warranty which is a great thing. If something has gone wrong with the ET Pest Control unit within the year of purchase, you can return your product as well.

Also it’s customers have reported success in repelling bats, ants, beetles, bees, bedbugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, moths, scorpions, spiders, termites, water bugs, silverfish, ticks, etc. Also it’s Low Range targets rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels, etc.


Excluding bats has always been an issue. This is because no matter what you do they always come back to the same place. Having them around does not sound good. What to do in such a situation? Find a reliable and safe way to get rid of them. For bats, Ultrasonic bat repellents work wonders.

Out of all the bat repellents available in the market, we have found Et Bat Control the most useful. It is reliable and effective according to customer reviews. Also it is very affordable and covers a large area. Such features makes it a great choice to repel bats away from your home.

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Bats do provide us some major benefits. They make good neighbors. The reason is bats outsized appetites for insects, like mosquito, worm etc., that irritate us. Farmers save almost $1 billion every year. All the credit goes to bats for saving such a huge amount. How? Because they act as nontoxic pest control that eat corn earworm moths. Bats have other benefits for people except farmers as well.

Bats eat mosquitoes and other insects which are harmful for our health as well. Mosquitos spread deadly diseases such as Zika virusWest Nile virusChikungunya virusdengue, and malaria. Zika virus has been found in America. The virus has triggered widespread alarm. A search for mosquito control remedies started immediately. The Zika virus is carried by mosquitoes belonging to the genus Aedes that appear to be active both night and day. As in the control of other mosquitoes, a variety of options should be considered.

Getting rid of mosquitos is very important. Chemical mosquito killers typically cause more problems than they solve. Also these problems can affect you for a longer time. Bats are a natural mosquito controller and can be used for this purpose. Some species of bats consume large numbers of mosquitos which is actually a good thing for us. For this reason the goal is always to repel bats but not kill them. Else the situation will be difficult for us to handle. Then how to use bats against mosquitos without getting infected by bats?

This is why you are here and we will be discussing all the pros and cons of having bats in our environment and how to strategically direct bats to eat mosquito around us and not come inside our home. Also we will be guiding you about the solution that is safe and secure for you and your loved ones. But first let’s have a look at how mosquitoes are not good for our environment and health.

How are mosquitoes harmful?

Mosquitoes have irritated humans for centuries. They spread diseases which causes death to millions. The latest plague they bring is the Zika virus. Mosquitos are the reason for major human diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever, which together infect hundreds of millions of humans worldwide and kill millions each year. WHO reports that more than 50% of the world’s population is presently at risk from mosquito-borne diseases. This means we are at a high risk. Zika and other insect-borne diseases are spreading quickly with new reports every week.

We see millions of dengue fever cases all over the world every year. The number of deaths because of this fever is quite high. They bite people to consume blood. By feeding blood allows the mosquito to produce eggs. They feed by piercing the skin like a needle. Then they inject saliva into a person’s skin. This allows deadly diseases or viruses such as Zika virus to transfer in the human body. As mosquitoes fly, they can also spread a disease more quickly than an illness. Such as Ebola, which is transmitted from person to person,

Mosquitos are tough to fight. They cannot be killed easily and they can hide in very small spaces. Let’s take a deeper look into the things which make it tough to kill mosquitos.

Why is it tough to kill mosquitos?

Mosquitoes are immune to bug spray. They develop resistance to sprays. Humans are always bothered by mosquitos. The real problem is how well they adapt and shrug off these bug sprays like armor. Spraying more to eradicate them does not help. It can only cause breathing issues for humans and pets. Apart from sprays these annoying insects are tricky and some can even pass through the mosquito net.

So, how are we gonna kill the mosquitos? How many methods are available to get rid of mosquitos and which one is best and safe?

Methods to get rid of mosquitos

There are many natural and chemical methods and home remedies available to kill mosquitos. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Chemical sprays

    There are many kinds of chemical sprays available in the market. They may work for some, but over the time mosquitos get immune to them. Chemical poisons kill natural mosquito predators more effectively than mosquitoes.  Also, if they do not come in direct contact with the spray, it may be difficult to kill them. The chemical sprays also have a bad effect on your health. They can cause breathing issues for you.

  2. Using a garlic spray

    If you don’t want to go for a chemical spray, a simple garlic spray would work great for a mosquito-free home. How to make it? Crush or mince a few cloves of garlic and boil it in water for some time. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it around the house to control. This can help to control the mosquitos. The drawback is garlic has a smell which may be unbearable for some people. People don’t find it pleasant.

  3. Dish of soapy water

    A dish of soapy water can act as an indoor mosquito repellent. To repel the mosquitoes, you can place a wide dish of soapy water where the mosquitos are present. Make sure the dish is soapy enough to be covered in bubbles. You can use any soap for this purpose. Whether it is a dishwashing soap or detergent.

    Mosquitoes are generally attracted to water. But once they sit on this dish of soapy water, they will get trapped in the bubbles and eventually they will be die. But this method can be a little messy specially when you are having toddlers around.

  4. Lemon Eucalyptus

    While shopping for a natural mosquito repellent, try to go for something having oil of lemon eucalyptus. It’s extremely effective in repelling the bats away.

  5. Peppermint

    Are you looking for an effective and natural way to get rid of mosquitos? Give peppermint a chance. Combine a few drops of peppermint essential oil with one cup of water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spray onto skin. It also smells minty fresh.

  6. Egg Cartons and Coffee Trays

    Mosquitoes are a thing we all worry about each summer. You can use cardboard egg cartons and coffee trays. Light them on fire. Then blow them out and let them smolder in a fire-safe location. The burning smell will keep the mosquitos away.

These are some methods which may help you in getting rid of bats. These methods are not 100% effective. The effects of these methods may fadeout overtime. But you can decrease their population around your home. How? By having a bat population nearby. Let’s read more.

How bats decrease the population of mosquitos

Approximately 100 species of bats are present on earth. Not every specie of bats has the same diet. Bats will eat different things according to their nature. Some bats love to eat ripe fruits. While some bats enjoy love to eat moths and mosquitoes .
Apart from the benefits that bats help in fertilization and in distribution of pollen, they help in decreasing insect population.

Specifically talking about bats eating mosquitoes, some species live by eating them. 70% of bats eat insects and mosquitoes. If you have bats around, the population of mosquitos will be much less than the areas not having bats. Our goal is to attract bats near our home. But how to attract them so that they start living around our home? What are the ways which can help us with this?

If you already have bats around or inside your home, just skip the next step. and jump onto “How to keep the bats around?”

How to attract bats

To have bats around, you need to create suitable conditions. Conditions in which they would love to live. Conditions are made according to their nature. Bats eat mosquitoes, but only when they’re around. So, you need to get them around your home first. This means you need to attract bats. Below are some tips on How to attract bats. 

  1. Offer a water source

    Bats can lose 50% of body weight in water in a single day. If you have a pond or water feature on your property, chances are high that bats can get attracted. What if you don’t find a natural water source nearby? Try to install a birdbath or fountain to attract more bats to your backyard.

  2. Let your garden be the magnet

    Have a garden? Great. Don’t have it? Plant them nearby. Fragrant flowers, herbs, and night-blooming plants, these are the things which make your home look very attractive to insects and bats. How? The more insects, the better it is. Bats feed on insects and more flowers means more insects. Try planting dahlia, French marigold, nicotiana, evening primrose, thyme, or honeysuckle. Pale-colored blooms also bring in bugs.

  3. Small dark places

    Try to make small dark places near your home. They only live at places that are dark. This will be a suitable condition for them to live. Try to provide them comfort.

Follow these simple steps, if you don’t have bats around your home. Once you have attracted bats the next step is how to keep them around?

How to keep the bats around?

What is the trick to keep these flying mammals around? The answer to this question is setting up the bat house. Also, make sure there are enough insects around for all of the bats to eat. It is an essential thing to set up the bat house properly to attract bats and to keep them around. To do this, you have to consider a few things.

  1. The bat house should be 15-20 feet off the ground. Bats don’t like to live close to the ground. They always go for higher places. Make sure that the bat house is away from any trees. Trees make it easy for predators to attack the bats.
  2. We know they love dark places but this doesn’t mean they don’t want sunshine to survive. The location of your bat house should get 5-8 hours of sunshine each day. Mother bats are highly concerned with temperature. They want a warm area so that they can nest their bat babies. So, you will need your bat house to get some sun and stay hot.
  3. The last trick is to keep planting. So that the insects roam around all day. Bats would love to live at such a place.

Also if you keep the bats around, there are high chances that they may get into your home. For sure, you don’t want your family to get scared at night or any bat droppings and wall stains and chirping noises at night inside your home, which are a cause of having bats in your home. The solution to this problem is also a bat house.

You might be wondering what is a bat house and how to install it? Discover more about Bat House below.

How to install a bat house

To get bats around your home, you need to get a place which they can call home. The name of that home is a Bat House. You can get these premade in the market or you can build one yourself. You just have to place the bat house at the right place considering all the conditions if you buy one. If you want to build it yourself, you can also do that by doing some research and watching tutorials.

Now that you have got a bat house in your hands, it’s time to install it and to make it comfortable for bats. Below are the ways to make a home fit for bats.

  1. Choose the right location

    Install the bat house on a pole or on the side of a building. Choosing trees to install a bat house is a no. The reason is they’re easily accessible to predators. Also the trees offer a lot of shade and bats need sunlight to maintain temperature. Bats need to jump down before they catch flight. So, the bat house should not be close to the ground. It must be high enough. At least 15 feet above the ground for them to fly away without running into a predator on their downward journey.

  2. Keep the area small

    Bats like small spaces to call home as mentioned earlier. They don’t need any nesting material like birds. Just ensure the surface inside the place is slightly rough, making it easy for them to claw up.

  3. Maintain the temperature

    Maintain the temperature of the bat house between 85°F and 100°F. Bats like warm places to live. Position the bat home facing south to southeast. This way the bat house will catch the heat and warms up when the sun rises.

  4. Keep a check on the bat house regularly.

    Inspect it regularly from spring to early fall. Make sure no bees or wasps have taken up. If you see droppings beneath the bat house, know that your bat home is a success and the bats have taken up residence.

How to guard your home? If they have suitable conditions they can also start living in your home. This is not a good thing as they can bring diseases. It is necessary to stop them from entering your house.

How to guard your own home

Before you create suitable conditions for them, make sure your own house is safe. You should not accidentally invite them to your own home. Bats and humans are more compatible when they aren’t living in the same residency.

Since bats can pass through a small hole, you need to close all the openings. To close all of the openings there are many methods available in the market. The main and mostly used is netting. By netting you can close all the entry points, Just make sure you don’t miss any point. The net is specially designed for bats. It is so strong that the bats cannot tear it apart. Except netting, you can also use any foam or something like that to fill up the holes.

For extra precautions it is important to not make bats feel comfortable in your home. So that they don’t even try to come near. How to do that? The easiest solution for this is “electronic bat repellent”.

Electronic bat repellent

Electronic bat repellent won’t let the bats come inside your home. They emit ultrasonic sound variable frequencies. As the bats depend on their sense of hearing. The technology used in electronic bat repellent uses the same way to repel them. It sends high pitch frequencies which makes them feel uncomfortable. The plus point is these frequencies do not disturb humans or pets around the repellent. These frequencies are outside the audible range of humans and pets. This is a must if you don’t want bats inside your home by any chance. Take precautionary measures before you invite bats to start living nearby.

There are many electronic bat repellents available in the market. Everyone has different features than others. For the same purpose, we have designed an electronic bat repellent named “ET Bat Control”.

ET Bat Control

This is an electronic bat repellent which emits ultrasonic sound variable frequencies. The range of this repellent device is 500 sq ft. This device is reliable and safe to use. The frequencies emitted by this device won’t even disturb the humans and pets. Also, this device is very affordable in comparison to other options out there. How? It will only cost you around $50.00. Also the plus point is it uses only 5 watts. This device is light on your pocket. Also works very efficiently. The consumer reviews are also good related to this product.


Mosquitos bring so many diseases with them. Some of the viruses are even fatal. Also these small creatures are irritating. We need to reduce their population around us to be safe. There are many methods to kill mosquitos but the natural pest controllers are bats. They feed on mosquitoes and help us in saving ourselves.

To kill mosquito, we need to keep the bats around our home. How? We need to create suitable conditions and install a bat house. Before doing this, make sure your own house is safe and secure. Close all the entry points and install an electrical bat repellent like ET Bat Control. So that by any chance they don’t come inside your home. And voila, you are good to go.

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The population of bats is decreasing day by day. This is NOT a good sign. Bats are very important for our ecosystem. They control the insect population around us. Also helps in fertilization for plants and distributes their seeds. Decreasing bats will result in a disturbed environment. So, the main goal should always be making them leave your home using a bat deterrent and not to kill them.

Bats are usually seen as a scary creature. But they are opposite in nature. They are quiet and shy most of the time. Bats may look big when they are flying. They are not as big as they look. Bats are very small creatures. They can get into your house through any small opening. Knowing their behavior will help you to keep your home environment free of bats. Their likes and dislikes will let you know how to not attract them. Never make your house a suitable place for them to live. What are the things that attracts a bat towards your home? Studying them will help you in keeping them away.

What attracts a bat towards your home?

There are many reasons which can make a bat choose your home as theirs. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. There is a food source nearby:

    Remember that bats eat insects such as mosquitoes and moths. They also like eating several kinds of plants and fruits. If these things are present at a big scale around you, there is a huge possibility that bats can choose your home to start living.

  2. Your home offers useful shelter:

    Darkened, small and closed locations give bats a place to roost (hang upside-down) during daytime. Indoor roosting sites could include attic space, a barn, roof voids, porch eaves, and even storm drains. Outdoor settings mean caves, hollowed spaces in trees, mine tunnels, and under bridges. Any opening of half an inch or greater is all a bat needs for entry.

  3. Bats like the temperature and setting:

    Bats have a large population present all over the world. Some of them live in forests, mountains, farmlands, and cities. There are few areas where bats don’t consider at least moderately hospitable. Because much of the U.S. rests in a warm and humid climate, bats will establish roosts in many states.

Try to make the condition of your house not suitable for bats to live in.

Bats are an accidental traveler. They don’t want to interact with humans. And so, they don’t even want to start living in our home. In many scenarios, bats get inside the home by mistake. For instance, if a window or door without a screen is left open they can get in while flying. Occasionally a bat can fly in after dark. If a bat is outside, resting on the exterior of the house and is startled, it could fly through an opening. Or if there is no protective chimney cap over a chimney, bats can fall from that place into your home. If bats are living in the attic, one might fall down the wall void between the inside and outside walls and end up in the basement and exit if there is an opening. If you spot any bat in your home or if one of the conditions above is true, you might be thinking what to do in such a situation?

How to make a bat leave your home?

If a bat gets into your home by mistake, always try to end things peacefully. Bats won’t attack you unless you make them feel insecure. Once you are aware of the flying bat, your main focus should be to get the bat into a room. The selected room should have a door or large window without a screen that can be opened. This will help them to leave your home. The first job is to put pets like dogs or cats into another room and shut the door. They can make the bat aggressive by attacking it. If the bat becomes aggressive it can bite anyone.

There is also a small chance that the bat could have rabies, so any contact is discouraged. Open the door or window in the chosen room and turn off the lights except for something very dim. Turn off outside lights that are near the open door or window. Bats use echolocation to create an image of their surroundings. Close off other rooms and shut their doors.

All these activities need to take place in almost complete silence. Screaming and shouting can make the bat aggressive as it may feel attacked. The more upset the bat, the more dangerous it is for humans. Take every precaution. Give the bat the chance to leave your home peacefully. Once the bat has left, close open windows and doors, turn on lights. Release your pets and you are safe. But what if it doesn’t? Sometimes the bat won’t understand the way to get out. In such situations, you can use a bat deterrent. They will make the bat leave your home without any inconvenience. A bat deterrent is a lifesaver.

Ways to keep a bat away from your home

Bats are very hard to be kept away from a place they have lived. Bats always come back to the place. It is a rare chance that they leave the place and move. It is important to keep them away as they may cause a lot of damage. They can damage your home with their nests. Also, the mothers leave at night to find food and water and return later to nurse. They can disturb your sleep as well. Below are some ways mentioned which will repel the bats away from your home. The purpose of these are to only make them feel uncomfortable and not kill them.

  1. Holes and seal cracks should be filled:

    Bats like to hangout in caves during the day time. The reason is because they are dark. But what if there are no caves nearby? In such a situation, bats will take any dark space that gives them shelter and protection from predators. Given this, it’s easy to see why it is common to have bats in chimneys, bats in attics, bats in wall cracks, and bats in roof eaves.
    Try to get rid of all the cracks so that they don’t find shelter in your home. If you get rid of possible entry points, that’s one less reason for bats to choose your home. This is the best way to prevent a bat infestation. But if you already have bats in your home. Make sure they don’t get trapped in filling up the holes. They will try to come out from other areas of home causing more damage. The situation can become problematic.

  2. Use a bat deterrent:

    If you want to know how to deter bats in a simple, easy way, The best option is a bat repellent. These are made of synthetic chemical or natural ingredients that are unpleasant to bats. Also if you don’t want to go for harmful chemicals, electrical repellers are the best option available in the market.
    Bat sprays or electrical repellers can deter bats from nesting. They also deter bats from roosting when applied in strategic entry points, resting spots, and hollow spaces. These repellents make the bats feel uncomfortable and they have to move to a new place. Also, one important point to be noted is that NEVER USE STICKY REPELLENTS. They are inhuman and the bats can die.

  3. Remove food sources from your garden:

    Prime factors that bats look for at a place are a cozy home, safety from predators, and availability of food. If you’re having a hard time getting rid of bats from your home, chances are you have all the suitable conditions for them to live in your home. The first thing you need to do is know what bat species you’re dealing with. Some bats eat insects, some bats eat fruits, while most eat a mix of both. If you see that their favorite food is growing or flying around in your garden, it’s time get rid of that first.

  4. Installation of bright lights:

    As it is a part of bat’s nature that they like dark places, they can be repelled through bright lights. But how to remove bats using bright light? Remember that bats are most active during the night. It is because there are less birds to compete for food with. Also there are less predators running around to worry about. When bats are tired of a long night of feeding, they want to sleep and rest. They don’t like lighted places because they cannot rest at such a place.
    Placing bright lights at such places will make them feel uncomfortable. They do not want to disturb their sleeping schedule. At the end, they will leave your home and look for another suitable place to live.

  5. Using mothballs:

    You may be surprised to find out that your storage staple makes a pretty good bat deterrent. Naphthalene is present in mothballs which is an active ingredient. This ingredient is toxic to moths and other insects. Among the different bat removal products, this is the only chemical repellent registered for indoor use. This is because it is not harmful for humans. Mothballs work well for bats because the solid form of naphthalene turns into vapor in a process called sublimation.
    These particles cause vomiting, dizziness, and nausea in bats. It is only harmful in high amounts. Mothballs are best used for small spaces that are not frequented by people or other animals.  If the bats are present at a large scale, they will need a large amount of mothballs. The recommendation is to leave 5 pounds of naphthalene per 2000 cubic feet. This is a good way to get rid of bats in the attic, but not a great way to keep them out. Once the effect of mothballs finishes, the bats are likely to return back. Make sure the safety of your home before they return.

  6. Scare them with sound:

    Bats rely on their sense of hearing during the dark to catch their prey. This unique process is called echolocation. They give off ultrasound, which are sounds that are above the frequency hearing threshold of humans. Bats hear their own calls returned when they strike with an object. They use these returned calls to catch their prey and identify danger.
    You can take advantage of this by getting rid of bats with sound-emitting devices. There are products which emit loud sounds. These sounds scare the bats and make them fly away. But, this can be irritating to humans who live in the house as well.
    As mentioned earlier about electrical repellents, they are a good source to scare the bats through sound. These more popular sound deterrents for bats use ultrasonic sounds. These sounds are in the same frequency as bat ultrasounds, so it cannot be detected by human ears.

  7. Play with temperature:

    Most species of bats prefer temperatures ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything less than this temperature or more than this can make the bats go away. It is much easier to raise the temperature instead of decreasing it. You can do it easily through heaters available at local stores. The goal is to make the bats’ nest rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher. The heat also gets rid of moisture through evaporation. To deter bats your main focus should be to make the area dry and hot. If you go for this method, check the area after every few hours. The heat may damage something, just keep an eye.

  8. Hang aluminum foil:

    As discussed, bats don’t like bright lights. They leave a place which is bright and lighted. They search for food at night and thus their eyes are used to dark. Bursts of lights make them uncomfortable. Aluminum foil is an inexpensive and easy-to-find home remedy that uses this principle. Its reflective surface and crackling sounds make it a good bat repellent. Hang the strips of aluminum foil on the entry points. They should be hanged such that they reflect light from any outdoor bulb. Aluminum balls can work well too for this purpose. This is best used with other bat removal products as light may not be a strong enough deterrent for large, established colonies.

  9. Phenol:

    Most commonly used to disinfect things, phenol is a solution easily available in the market. It has a mildly sweet scent to humans. But the same sweet scent is unbearable for bats. Bats have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Bats are way more sensitive to odors as compared to humans. Using phenol for bats is one way to repel them. Phenol is available in two forms. The one is spray and the other is crystal form. Spray cans are easy to apply and can be used on vertical surfaces. But the smell might evaporate fast. You have to reapply it regularly. The smell should stay for several days. In that case crystals are more effective. Crystals take longer to evaporate.

So, using a bat deterrent may help you in getting rid of bats from your home. You might be thinking that you can do it without a bat deterrent just by adjusting the lights and temperature. Let’s see what will happen without a bat deterrent? What will be the effects of a bat deterrent?

Situation without a bat deterrent

A bat deterrent is something which keeps the bats away from a specific place. Bats use sound frequencies which are dispersed throughout the atmosphere, then reflect off of objects, including their prey. As the sound travels some distance, it spreads, causing the initial energy emitted to cover a larger and larger area. The sound frequencies of a bat hit a moth or any wall and are reflected back. In this example, we see that the call reflects off a moth, and travels back to the bat. These reflections help them in creating an image about the object in front of them. Bats rely on hearing this echo to determine how long it took the call to reach the object and bounce back, which provides information about how far away the object is.

These are the ways through which a bat finds a spot in your home. Bats collect the information about the area they want to live through the same method. These are the normal conditions without a bat deterrent. Let’s find out how deterrent disturbs their normal activity?

Effects of a bat deterrent

Bat deterrents are a great way to keep bats out of your home. But these devices should be used strategically and after the bats leave your home, all the cracks and small openings should be closed properly to avoid any further bat infestation. ET Bat Control is a 100% safe deterrent for humans, cats, dogs, and other electronic devices. It has dominated Bats, Rodents and all different types of Insect to leave peoples homes and businesses. Take a look at how this bat deterrent affect the activities of bats?

ET Bat Control

The name is “ET Bat Control”. This bat deterrent creates constant ultrasonic noise at the same frequency as the bat call. When a bat enters the range of this repellent, they will hear different sounds. These sounds are unbearable for them. Bats won’t be able to hear the reflection of their own voice. They will get no information and move away.

Also the most amazing feature is unlike repelling bats through sounds, this device does not disturb humans. These sound frequencies are out of the audible range of humans. Humans and pets won’t even hear the noise and will be comfortable.
The features of ET Bat Control makes it a better option than other bat deterrents available in the market. As it is completely safe to use and won’t make the bats aggressive. The plus point is there is no toxic ingredient used to repel bats.


Bats create problems but the goal should always be to get rid of them without killing. We cannot kill them as they have several benefits for our environment. The cycle won’t be the same without them. Sometimes, they get into your home by mistake. Whether it’s a mistake or not, you need to get them out of your house without hurting them. For this reason, you should go for a bat deterrent. There are many options available in the market. But the best available is ET Bat Control. This repellent is completely safe to use. Also it guarantees to be the safest option for humans, dogs, cats and other electronic devices around. It has so many advantages over other bat deterrents which makes it a suitable solution.

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Bats are referred to as “flying rats”. Bats are actually a vital part of the ecological system of this planet. They can provide a valuable service. One-fifth of all the mammal species are bats in the world. There are many kinds of bats found all over the world. Bats are good for our nature. Bats disperse large amounts of seed and pollen. This helps plants in reproduction and forestry growth. These flying mammals are amazing creatures and an important part of the ecosystem. Because they devour a huge number of insects every night. They help and provide a real benefit to humans by reducing harmful pests in the great outdoors.

Over the centuries, bats have gotten a bad rap from humans. The problem starts when they decide to start living inside your home. They are considered a pest when they start living in your home. You should get rid of them as fast as you can. Though they are very beneficial for us in many ways, we cannot let them live near us. It is important to clean our home completely from bats. For this purpose, we may need a bat exterminator. Many companies provide the services. In this article we will talk about exterminators. Also what you should do to get rid of bats. But first it is important to get some information about bats. This will help you in choosing the best bat exterminator among all. You will understand their techniques better. Let’s have a look at the environment bats live in and their behavior.

Environment in which bats live

Bats are known as adaptable creatures. When deciding to settle at a place, bats have some concerns. These include access to food and water, safety from predators and adverse conditions. Bats will often set up roosts in a variety of places. These include caves, old mine shafts, and under bridges. Bats try to avoid areas with harsh weather conditions. Also they avoid the areas exposed to the elements by hibernating (or migrating) for up to six months inside structures like a house, or a barn.

Behavior of bats

The breeding season of most of the bats starts from spring. It lasts until fall when mating season leads into hibernation. The lifespan of a bat can range from 20 years all the way up to 30 years. Bats avoid human contact. For this reason, you may only come to know about their presence because of brown stains under small and dark openings. These stains are because of the bat droppings.

Bats keep hiding in their home during the day time. They are the most active at night. Being active at night helps them in avoiding humans. Bats have a poor eyesight. They rely on echolocation to travel and locate their food. Blind bats can survive but deaf bats cannot. Approximately 70% of bat species feed only on insects.
Bats become a nuisance when they take up roost inside attics and other undisturbed areas of homes or commercial buildings. Bats can enter any small dark opening just through a hole as small as 3/8 of an inch. Homeowners might be alerted to the possibility of bats by the sound of scratching in an attic or wall, or from the odor of their guano.

What are the damages caused by bats? Only if you know the damage bats cause, you will be able to avoid and repair it. Also it will help you in understanding the strategies of bat exterminators better.

Damages caused by bats

Having bats can result in health issues. Also, they can damage your home. How do they cause these damages?

Health Issues

Bats may have some benefits such as controlling insect populations and plant reproduction. But they can cause a health risk. There is a high risk you might catch any deadly disease because of bats. Most notably rabies and histoplasmosis are caused because of bats. Bats, along with dogs, foxes and raccoons are a primary transmitter of the rabies virus. Rabies is typically spread from the bite of a rabid animal. Rabies is an extremely deadly disease if left untreated. Bats can transfer this disease to your pets as well. If a rabid animal bites you, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately.

Histoplasmosis is most commonly associated with bats. It originated from a fungus present in bat droppings. This disease primarily affects the lungs of a person. Histoplasmosis grows in surfaces and materials contaminated with bat droppings. You can mostly find them on the floor. Breathing in an area with bat droppings can make you catch this deadly disease. Surfaces contaminated by bat droppings, when disturbed, can release infectious spores that could potentially be hazardous to a homeowners health.

Bats cause serious health issues, but they also destroy the structure of your home as well. Bat droppings and urine can accumulate over time. This results in stains on ceilings or sheetrock. Prolonged guano and urine accumulation can even soak through support elements. This causes portions of the structure to become compromised. Further, bat guano and urine can cause immediate damage. They cause damage and contamination to attic insulation and other items stored in an attic.

Damaged home

Bat droppings can make the color of our walls brown. The wall under small and dark openings can be affected because of guano and urine. This is also a clear indication that there are bats living in the area above that wall.

Bats will spread guano all over the open areas of your home. This will make your house look dirty. Bats can also destroy the structure of your home while raising their young ones. They have strong teeth and can damage the brick and walls especially.

Now you know the potential damage that bats cause to you and your home, you might be thinking of tackling this problem yourself. But, before starting out you need to know about the risks if you try to exterminate the bats yourself. Moreover, you will get to know about why you should hire a bat exterminator?

Risks and deadly disease that come with DIY bat extermination

The solution of getting rid of bats yourself comes with hazardous and fatal problems. Although, bats are not an aggressive mammal. But if they become aggressive the situation can become very problematic. Many companies market DIY repellents that utilize various chemicals. We are never sure about these chemicals that they will work or not. Their general effectiveness is fairly hit-or-miss. Sprays might not be effective if you just do it on the suspected entry points. Also, the chemicals can even hurt the bats and may be hazardous for your own health too. And may be because of chemicals or sprays, they can be aggressive and can attack back. So you should try to avoid chemical solutions. You also want to avoid sealing off crevices, as trapping bats in your house can create even more problems. There is a chance that the bats might kill you if you try to get rid of them yourself. This is because you are not trained to deal with them. You can get rabies if they bite you.

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease. It can spread to people and pets if they are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal. In the United States, rabies is mostly found in wild animals like bats, raccoons, skunks, and foxes. However, in many other countries dogs still carry rabies, and most rabies deaths in people around the world are caused by dog bites.

The rabies virus infects the central nervous system. If a person does not receive the appropriate medical care after a potential rabies exposure, the virus can cause disease in the brain, ultimately resulting in death. Rabies can be prevented by vaccinating pets, staying away from wildlife, and seeking medical care after potential exposures before symptoms start.

For the sake of you and your loved ones, it is a better option to seek professional help. This is where Bat exterminators come into the role. They are trained professionals and will tackle this problem for you. They exactly know what to do. Before hiring a bat exterminator, it is important to know who they are? What do bad exterminators do? What services do they provide? Are there other methods to remove bats? Should you go for the services of a bat exterminator? This article has all the information you need to know about bat exterminators.

Who is a bat exterminator?

There are companies which provide the facility of a bat exterminator. Bat exterminator is a trained person. He is an expert at exterminating bats. He knows all the do’s and don’ts one should do while removing bats. He knows the psychology of bats and knows how to deal with them.

If you diagnose that you have a bat infestation the first thing you should do is seek professional help immediately. While bats may be cute, they are still wild animals that will defend themselves when they feel threatened. They may become aggressive and harm you.

So let’s learn about what does a bat exterminator do? What are the techniques they use? How bat exterminators do that?

What is the job of a bat exterminator?

The first thing a bat exterminator does is inspection. This means diagnosing the problem. Some companies charge for an inspection. Some do it for free. How do they inspect and what steps are involved in inspection? Let’s take a look.


To get rid of bats the most important thing is to do a thorough inspection. Bats commonly inhabitant attics, but can also be found in chimneys, or even inside a home. A proper inspection will reveal potential entry points as well as any areas contaminated with guano or urine.

Inspection involves two major steps. The first one is to identify, are there bats living in your home? The second step is to gather a clear information about the population of bats present there. So, how do they diagnose the problem?


Diagnosis involves different methods. A bat exterminator checks for signs in detail. Some of the techniques to diagnose the presence of bats are discussed below.

  1. Spotting guano:
    A bat exterminator usually looks for bat droppings at different open areas of the house. If they are present at a large scale, this indicates the presence of bats in your home. Now they know about their presence. What next? Identify the areas where they are living.
  2. Brown stains:
    You may notice brown stains on walls. These stains are because of the bat droppings and urine. They are mostly present under dark and small openings. They indicate the areas where bats are present.

The second step is to estimate the population of bats.

Estimate the population

The second and most important part of inspection is estimating the population of bats present in your home. For this purpose, they use special machines and techniques which estimate their population inside the place bats live. Why is it the most important step? The treatment a bat exterminator chooses to treat the problem depends on the popularity of bats in infested place.

After the inspection is complete, the next step is how do they treat the bats after an inspection? And what are the methods they use to get rid of bats? How much suitable and safe are these methods?


How do they exterminate bats? What are the approaches they use to exterminate bats?

  1. Netting:
    A special net made for bat extermination is used in this method. Bats have very strong and sharp teeth. This net is made accordingly. Bats cannot tear the net. Netting is done in such a way that bats are only allowed to exit the area but not allowed to enter again. Netting stops re-entry of bats into the area. Bats always come back to their home. This will prevent them from coming in.
  2. Changing the insulation:
    The next step after exterminating the bats is to change the insulation. Bats are attracted to their own smell. They always prefer the place where they find their own smell. For this reason, it is important to change the insulation immediately. This will not force them to notice the spot again. This is the best approach to not get your home infested with bats again.
  3. Permanently closing the entry points:
    After the insulation is changed, a bat exterminator closes all the entry points permanently. This will not allow the bats to re-enter at that spot again. They may do it with a net or other tools available for this purpose.
  4. Proper cleaning:
    The last thing a bat exterminator does is properly clean your house. This cleaning will make your house free from guano and bat droppings. The smell will be removed as well during this process.

Bat exterminators usually follow the above mentioned steps to make your house free of bats. If you try to do these steps yourself you might hurt yourself. They have the proper tools to reach any height. Also they know how to deal with aggressive bats. We have no experience whereas they are properly trained to handle every mood of bats. It is always a better option to consult a bat exterminator. But before that it’s important to know that how much do they cost for extermination?

How much does a bat exterminator charge?

The starting price of a bat extermination is around $250 – $300. Normally, it costs $400 for a normal sized colony of bats. The price can go up to $600 depending upon the population of bats. If the area and population is very large, The cost can even touch $8000. The price to remove a single bat is around $275.

Choosing a bat exterminator is definitely a good choice. But the problem is not everyone can afford such a huge amount and as mentioned earlier, it’s not safe to do it yourself. For this purpose, we have found an even more effective, safe and reliable alternative. Something that is easy to use, secure and also light on your pocket. And that alternative is Electronic devices. They work wonders in such situations.


Electronic bat repellers are the best option available in the market. They are cheaper when compared to a bat exterminator, and are hassle free. “ET Bat Control” is an electronic bat repellent device which works wonders. This repellent device not only repels the bats that are present inside the house, but also keep the bats away from the house for as long as it’s plugged in. Let’s dig into it’s working and other features.

ET Bat Control

Et Bat Control is basically an electronic bat repeller. It is reliable as compared to other repellers available in the market. People using this device are quite satisfied with the working of the product.


The ET Bat Control uses ultrasonic variable sound frequencies and electromagnetic technology. Bats cannot bear these sound frequencies. The main purpose of a repeller is to make the bats uncomfortable so that they may leave the site. ET Bat Control fulfils this purpose. It emits ultrasonic frequencies which can only be heard by bats and make them distress which results in bats leaving the area. It is for sure easy to use but the question is why is it better than a bat exterminator? Have a look on below mentioned points.

Safe to use

ET Bat Control is completely safe to use. How? You cannot do everything yourself that a bat exterminator does. But you can safely use this repellent device yourself securely. You just have to plug it in near the colony of bats and you are done. Bats will leave your home themselves very soon. But does it cost less than bat exterminators? The comparison below will give the complete insight about the cost of a bat exterminator and an ET Bat Control.


As we mentioned earlier, a bat exterminator cost around $250 – $300 for just removing a single bat. The cost can go up to $8000 depending on the situation. Not everyone can afford such a big amount. On the other hand, ET Bat Control costs you only around $50. When you compare the amounts, ET Bat Control is much reasonable. Also it guarantees to remove bats from your home. ET Bat Control is the best option if you want to get something safe, reliable, easy to use and affordable.


If you find out that your home is infested with bats, seek help from a bat exterminator immediately. Do not try to handle things yourself. The reason is you might hurt yourself and end up catching any deadly disease like rabies.
Though bat exterminators are a good option to get rid of bats but not everyone can afford them. Choosing a bat exterminator can cost you a huge amount. For this reason, switch to a better and affordable option. ET Bat Control is much better than other methods in so many ways. It is affordable, when compared to the services of a bat exterminator, hassle free, and your go-to solution. Also it will repel the bats away from your home very soon and will not let them come again until plugged.

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Having bats in your home can cause a problematic situation. Bats don’t leave your home easily. They come back to their home every time they are forced to move away. It is very important to try the best bat removal method and bat control method to keep them away. Finding an appropriate method is a bit tricky. Don’t get confused, go for a safe, affordable and reliable method. To keep the bats away, you need a good bat repellent method.

There are several kinds of bat repellent methods available in the market. Some of them repel by odor and some of them are electrical. The main feature of a repellent is that it needs to be very unpleasant for the bats. It should make it horrible for the bats to remain in that location. Whether they do this through odour or frequencies. There are many options available for repellents. Some of the repellents can be made using products at home. There are a variety of different repellents that are said to drive bats away from a colony site.

To repel bats, the first important thing is to know why they are attracted towards your home? What is the thing you need to do before finding a bat repellent?

Why are bats attracted to your home? | Bat Repellent

Why are bats attracted to your home?

There are many things which attract bats towards a place. They look for a suitable place where they can lay eggs and where their young ones can stay safe. The place where bats are usually attracted to is small and dark. They don’t live in a place full of light. Below are the things which can make bats start living in your home.

  1. Small dark openings:

    This is the most appropriate place for bats to make their home. They always look for such kinds of places.

  2. Uncleaned small opening:

    Bats find places which are not clean. They Don’t choose cleaned places to make their home.

  3. A place which had bats:

    If bats were living in your home at some place and you have not cleaned it properly, there is a high risk that they will come back. Bats are attracted to their own smell. They will come back if the insulation is not changed and the area is not cleaned.

  4. Having bugs in your home:

    If there is a large population of bugs in your home, they might attract bats. Bats usually feed on bugs. They look for their food and may find your home a suitable place to live.

How to avoid attracting bats to your home? What are the precautions you should take except for repelling them?

How to avoid attracting bats to your home? | Bat Repellent

There are several tips that actually work in stopping the attraction. We can act against their nature. Remove all the factors they find to live at a place. How can we remove them? This topic is explained in detail in the article “Bat control”. But we have listed a few for your help here. Below are the points which will help you with this problem.

  1. Netting:

    Netting can help in stopping the bats from entering at small dark places in your home. Cover those areas with a net. You should not miss any spot.

  2. Cleaning:

    Clean the area properly if you had bats in your home. Change the insulation as well. The smell of bats should be removed. For extra safety, cover the area with netting. This will not let the bats enter that area again.

  3. Remove bugs:

    Remove the bugs present in your home. This is the source of food for bats. They will not be attracted to your home.

  4. Bat proof structure:

    Bat proof structure will help in stopping the attraction of bats. They won’t like the place. As the place won’t be dark and small. Bat proof structure can be very effective for this problem.

Now if we talk about repellents, there are several kinds of repellents found in the market. What is a bat repellent? How many types are there? What kind of repellent is safe to use? Which one you should choose and why? We will answer all of your bat repellent related questions in this article.

What is a bat repellent? | Bat Repellent

What is a bat repellent?

A Bat Repellent is a spray, chemical ingredient or the ultrasound waves that drives the bats away from a building. Using a repellent is an alluring idea to deal with an animal problem, and simply spraying a substance into the area or leaving a repellent on the floor where the bats are found are very easy things to do. In order for a repellent to work, it should be very unpleasant for the animals and the repellent should make it horrible for the bats to remain in that location.

Bat repellents are used to force the bats to stay away from a specific area. Repellents make the bats feel unpleased to come or stay in a specific area. This does not allow them to come near the area. The idea of repellents is very good and affordable. The problem is, all of them are not effective. Also, some of them are toxic and not good for the health of people around it. It is always good to search properly before buying and using a product. You should always go for a method which is invulnerable to use, is trustworthy and economical.

You must be wondering that how can you research about the repellents, their types, their pros and cons and many more aspects. Worry not, we got you. We are going to tell you that how many types of repellent are there? What are their pros and cons? and whether if one is safe or not.

Types of repellents | Bat Repellent

Types of repellent

There are 4 types of repellents

  1. Sprays
  2. Electrical
  3. Home remedies
  4. Chemical bat repellent

Spray repellents

Some sprays work very well as a bat repellent. They can repel the bats away from your home. But sprays are not preferred. Why? Because they have many drawbacks. For these products to remain active, you must usually reapply them every 30 days or so. What are the pros and cons of using sprays? How much does sprays cost? Are they affordable and reliable?

Pros of using spray bat repellent
    1. They will force the bats to go away from your home.
Cons of using sprays
    1. Sprays contain chemicals which are toxic.
    2. Sprays can affect your health in a bad way.
    3. Not all of them work efficiently.
    4. Bats can attack back as you have to face them while using a spray.
    5. Not effective for a longer time.
How much does spray bat repellents cost?

Spray repellents are not much expensive but they are not very effective as well. The normal range in which they cost is 4$ – 10$.

Electrical repellents

There is a variety in electrical repellents. Some of the electrical repellents don’t work well. But some of them are extremely good and they can do wonders for this problem. Some of the electric repellents use ultrasonic audio pulses to repel bats. Other electrical repellents use lights for this purpose. Bats naturally like quiet and dark areas as a location for the colony, and what these devices claim to do is to make that colony a less pleasant place for the bats to reside. Ultrasonic Audio repellents confuse bats. This makes it more difficult for the echolocation technique of navigation used by the bats. Because of this, they cannot work properly. The light makes it more difficult for the bats to rest properly. They will not be able to live comfortably. These devices can be a bit expensive.

Still, there is no guarantee that all of the electrical devices will work. But customer reviews about “ET Pest Control“, “Cleanrth CB006” and “Cleanrth CIN009” are quiet promising. These devices will force the bats to leave your house and will not allow any other bat to get in. You can read reviews about these products on “Amazon” and their respective sites “Bat Control ET” and “Cleanrth“. There are many more but the important thing is that what are the pros and cons of electrical devices? and How much do they cost?

Pros of electrical repellents
    1. They will repel the bats away from your home.
    2. Can be used for a longer time.
    3. They do not contain any toxic chemical.
    4. You don’t have to go closer to bats.
    5. Easy to use.
Cons of electrical devices
    1. Not all of the electrical devices work efficiently.
    2. If any device uses a large number of watts, it can result in an electricity bill out of your range.
    3. If an electric device is not made properly, it can cause a short circuit.
How much does electrical bat repellent cost?

An electrical bat repellent can cost you between $20-$80. They are a bit more expensive than sprays but the pros are more than sprays as well. The price of an electrical repellent can depend on its range and effectiveness. This does not mean an expensive electrical repellent definitely works. You have to search for the product which is reliable.

Home Remedies Used As Bat Repellent

There are many remedies which are passed on from generations to repel bats. These home remedies are made through ingredients which are believed to repel bats. Also, these ingredients are easily available at home. But it is not compulsory that all of them are reliable. While using mothballs, which are similar to the commercially available bat repellents is one technique that can be used. Some people say that the scent of peppermint oil drives the bats away from your home. A more complicated blend is made by combining Sponto 221, mustard oil and sassafras oil to water to create a solution. This solution can be left near the bat colony to repel the bats away. What are the pros and cons of using home remedies? How much does it cost?

Pros of using home remedies
    1. Can cost you $0 as ingredients can be found at home.
    2. Some remedies can repel bats.
    3. Home remedies are not long lasting.
Cons of using home remedies
    1. Can be dangerous as you may have to apply it near the place where bats live.
    2. Home remedies can waste your time if not useful.
    3. Home remedies are not easy to apply.
How much does home remedies cost?

When it comes to cost, home remedies are the cheapest. But their cons are way more than others. They can waste your time and it is difficult to apply these home remedies. Other than that, they are not toxic.

Chemical bat repellent

Naphthalene is mostly used in chemical based bat repellents. This is the same chemical which is used to make mothballs. This is the main ingredient in making them. Chemical base bat repellent releases a substance into the air. This substance makes the respiratory function of bats uncomfortable. This forces them to move out of the area to get fresh air. Because of this, they are forced to find another new home. Many of these products will also include an artificial scent so that they do not become too unpleasant to the people who also live nearby. There are also sprays available, but these should be avoided as they can cause the bats to fly unexpectedly, which is not what you would want to happen. What are the pros and cons of a chemical based bat repellent? How much does a chemical based bat repellent cost?

Pros of using a chemical bat repellent
    1. They can repel bats efficiently.
    2. You don’t Have to go near the place where bats live.
Cons of using a chemical bat repellent
    1. It can have a bad odor.
    2. It can cause breathing problems to people who are sensitive.
    3. Some chemicals are not completely safe to use.
How much does a chemical repellent cost?

A chemical bat repellent can cost from $3 to $15. They are not very expensive. But chemical bat repellents have their own cons.

These were some repellents available in the market. But the important thing is, all of them are not dependable. Some of them can waste your time and money. Before buying any repellent you should research properly and do read customer reviews about the product.

After reading about the pros and cons of all types of bat repellents, you must be wondering that why are all the repellents not reliable? Why all of them do not work?

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable | Bat Repellent

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable

There are many reasons why all bat repellents are not a reliable source to get rid of bats. The effectiveness of a repellent also depends upon how much time the bats have spent in your home. If it is the initial stage, they can be easily removed. Bats always return to their home again and again. This is one of the major reasons why some repellents are useless. The repellent you choose should be long lasting. Your repellent should not only force them to leave your home, but also keep them away. Also, if you go for proper bat removal and closing of all the dark small openings, this will help you a lot. Now, which repellent is effective and why should you choose it?

Which repellent is the best among all?

If we have a detailed look at pros and cons, we find electrical repellents works much better than others. The reason is they are safe to use and lasts for a long time. They are not too expensive in the longer run as well. If an electrical repellent works well, there is no other option better than that.

After proper research and study, we have made an electrical bat repellent. The name of repellent is “ET Bat Control”. This repellent is very pocket friendly and works well. How is this repellent better than other repellents? Why should you choose this over other repellents? How this device will work? The answers to all your questions regarding ET Bat Control are right below. Let’s get going.

Why Bat Repellents Aren’t Usually Reliable | Bat Repellent

ET Bat Control

ET Bat control is designed to repel bats away from your home. We guarantee you that bats will leave your home in no time. The technology used in our electrical bat repellent is much better than other electronic bat repellents. What are the features of this repellent? What are the advantages of using this repellent over other repellents?

Features of ET Bat Control

ET Bat Control uses ultra variable sound frequencies to repel the bats away. These high impact ultra variable sounds cover 5000 sq. ft. This repellent releases high impact electromagnetic frequencies. Because of this, it is even effective if there are deep inner walls and can pass through them. Uses different repulsive sounds to repel the bats. This confuses the bats and they fly away. The sounds are not bearable by bats.

Advantages of using ET Bat Control

  1. Does not use much electricity:

    ET Bat Control uses only 5 watts. Isn’t this amazing? Your electricity bill will not be much affected by this device.

  2. Economical:

    As compared to other electrical repellents, this device is very affordable. Even if we compare this device to other repellents, the pros are way more but there is just a slight difference in the price. This bat repellent costs only $49.99.

  3. Trustworthy:

    The technology used for our bat repellent guarantee to provide you the best results. The bats will definitely leave your home.

  4. Long lasting:

    Et Bat Control has a long lasting affect. Also it works till this device damages because of some electrical fault.

  5. Easy to use:

    This bat repellent is the easiest to use. You don’t have to go near the area where bats live. Just plug it in around the area and it will do its job.

  6. Large range:

    It can repel bats within the area of 5000 sq. ft. around the device. This range is much greater than other repellents.

  7. Does not use toxic chemicals:

    This bat repellent will not affect your health in any negative way. This device is completely chemicals free.

Is ET Bat Control safe to use?

Et Bat Control is completely safe to use as it does not use any toxic chemicals. This makes it perfectly safe for the health of people around it. But does the sound frequencies affect the people and other pets around it? The answer is NO. These frequencies have no effect on humans or pets. 


Bat repulsion is a difficult task. For this purpose there are several repellents available in the market. But the problem is not all of them are reliable and safe to use. There are some remedies passed on from generations. All of them are also not reliable as well. So, which one is the best method to repel the bats away? The answer is electrical bat repellent.
For this purpose we have made an electrical bat repellent named “Et Bat Control”. This repellent is pocket friendly and completely safe to use. Works for a longer time and uses only 5 watts. These features make it a better choice than other repellents.

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Bats are the animals known for hiding at dark places. There are different types of bats. Forty of their different species are found in the USA. Since the discovery of bats, 980 species of bats have been identified. On average, bats can live up to 30 years. This can vary according to the species. Bats are present in a large amount all over the world. Almost 25 % of the world’s mammals are bats. Even higher than this percentage but this is an estimate. So, bat control is very important no matter if you have bats in your home or not.

Sometimes, bats escape their natural habitat. They try to get into your home and succeed sometimes. Bats are beneficial for nature as they provide fertilizer for plants, spread their seeds and are natural insect controllers. But we don’t want them to start living in our home. Why? What are the fears which come with having bats in your home? You can get an infection because of the bat droppings. Bats are not aggressive, but can attack if not handled properly. Bats can destroy the structure of your home. They can invite more bats and bugs to your home. It’s very important to control bats and in order to do so we first need to be aware of their habitat, living, food, and their reproduction. Also how do they feed while living in your home? What are the characteristics we need to know about them?

Characteristics of Bats | Bat Control

Characteristics of bats

Bats are mammals known for their flying specialty. They are considered as the smallest mammals. Like other mammals, they also feed their young ones milk. Bats are found all over the world except for colder regions. They usually hide during the day time in dark places. They don’t live alone and are usually found in groups living in a dark place. If you find any bat, there must be others hiding nearby. Bats do see well, but they rely on their sense of hearing. Bats emit high frequency sounds.

These frequencies produce echo when they hit an object. This gives them the information about the size, shape and distance from the object. Blind bats can survive easily without any difficulty but deafness leaves them helpless. Bats can fly at a speed of 100 miles per hour. What is the physical appearance of bats? What do they look like?

Physical appearance of bats

Bats are found in different sizes. Some of them are very small and some have a comparatively bigger size. Small bats are 15 cm wide whereas bid ones have 1.5 meters wingspan. They have pointed large ears. They usually have crown or grey fur on them. Mouth of a bat is similar to a rat. Bats have long fingers and long arms. Wings are made because of the membranes which join their arms and fingers to their legs. Their muscles make it easy to fly. To take rest, they usually hang upside down. Bats are very flexible. This allows them to have full range of movement. Bats have very sharp teeth. Because of them, they can easily peel through the skin of fruits or prey.

Though bats are very useful for our environment and our surroundings, we need to stay away from them. We cannot give them room near the place we live. We need to do something for bat removal and bat control. A few bat removal methods are mentioned below. If you want detailed information about removing bats from your home, check our article “bat removal”.

Bat Removal | Bat Control

Bat removal

This is an important step before bat control. Bat removal will only help you in getting rid of bats. These will not help you in controlling them. Below mentioned methods are just some useful ones out of all those available in the market.

  1. Hiring a professional:

    Professionals are trained specially for bat removal. They exactly know which bat removal treatment will work for you. They are experts at it. The only drawback is they are very expensive. Hiring a professional can cost you a huge amount. The number of bats is directly proportional to the cost. The greater the population of bats, the more you will be charged. There are some affordable and reliable methods available in the market. You just have to do a proper research before choosing a bat removal method.

  2. Sprays:

    Sprays can make the bats run away from your home. The scent of spray is not bearable for bats. After they leave your home, don’t forget to clean the place completely. It is important to even change the insulation. Even if the smell is left in the area, bats can come back. Bats are attracted to their smell and can start living there again.

  3. Electrical devices:

    There are electrical devices such as repellents available in the market. These devices are so handy and easy to use. Just plug them near the area where bats are present and they will do their job. These devices emit sound frequencies and use electromagnetic technology. These frequencies repel the bats away from your home. You have to clean the area for extra safety, to make sure the bats don’t come back. In addition to all of these advantages, these devices are safe to use. The frequencies have no effect on human beings. If you are finding a reliable and affordable bat removal method, consider electrical devices.

The important step after bat removal is bat control. Bat removal alone is not enough. You have to work on bat control. How to stop bats from coming back into your home? What measures should you take to avoid giving them space around you? Here is a detailed discussion on bat control. What measures should you take? Below are some helpful tips for you. There is a high risk that bats will come back if you don’t follow these.

Measures for Bat Control | Bat Control

Measures for bat control

Bat control is important even if you never had bats in your home. Also if you had bats in your home, then taking these steps are a must. Precautions can save a lot of things like your home, money and time. These are a few easy steps which can help you in protecting your home from these creatures.

  1. Bat proof structure:

    Creating a bat proof structure helps in maintaining a bat free home. It is important to do this when bats are away from your home. They usually go in hibernation in autumn. Else, there is a chance you might box their babies inside your home. They will try to come out from other parts of your home later. Close all the small openings in your home to make it bat proof. Especially the openings which lead to dark areas. Before this, clean those areas properly.

  2. Exclusion strips:

    Exclusion strips for bats are easily available in the market. These stripes don’t give room to bats in the small and dark areas. You just have to place them in the small openings and dark corners of your home. They don’t need any adhesives to stick. This is because they are constructed with reticulated polyurethane which allows insulation without any adhesives. These are very lightweight, flexible and can be easily compressed. These qualities make it safe to use. Exclusion strips do not damage the structure of your home. Also these strips are eco-friendly. Another advantage is these are 100 percent toxic free and harmless.

  3. Hercules putty:

    This is used just as adhesive. This helps in bat controlling methods. It is used at places where you cannot use adhesive or screws for netting. It can be easily used on aluminium. Also, it does not change the color of the aluminium. The aluminium would look even cleaner when it is removed.

  4. Bat netting:

    Bat netting is a very effective method when it comes to bat control. You can cover the dark areas and small openings with netting. Netting is not easily chewable. Though bats have sharp teeth but the net is made accordingly. They won’t be able to rip the net. It can be easily attached with the help of Hercules putty or staple. Net is light in weight and is flexible. You can easily shape it. You just have to melt it. The melting temperature of the net is 363°F.

  5. Electrical devices:

    There are electrical devices such as repellents available in the market. It is very important to install a repellent as it keeps the bats away from your home. Repellents placed near dark areas guarantee that the bats won’t even come near that spot. There are repellents available with different ranges. Make sure the repellent you choose is reliable. Place the repellent according to your need.

  6. Pro-Cone Multi Use excluder:

    This is a cone used for bats exclusion and is multi use. It is available in three styles. The styles are round, square and corner. The round and square are not angled whereas the corner one is angled down. It is made of durable clear polycarbonate. These cones can be used multiple times for exclusion. How does it work? It is placed in the downward direction in the small dark openings. These cones allow the bats to leave the place but does not allow them to re-enter. It is impossible for bats to re-enter because of the hard plastic.

After having a detailed look at the problems and the solutions available in the market for bat control, we made a device. We made a repellent which is very efficient and affordable. It uses the advanced technology which makes sure the bats are repelled away from your home. In addition to all of these advantages, this is the most easy to use device. You just have to plug it and turn it on. Also, we found this device the most safest method.

How does this device work? How much does it cost? What are the benefits you will get for using it over other devices?

ET Bat Control | Bat Control

ET Bat Control

What is Et Bat Control? The name of our company is DnR technologies. We have a device named ET Bat control. This device is made while keeping in mind the needs of people. We have tried to make it as affordable and reliable it can be. This device is basically a repellent. It repels the bats away from your home. What is the technology behind this device?

How does ET Bat Control work?

Our device uses electromagnetic technology and ultra variable sound frequencies. These frequencies are not bearable by bats. This repels the bats away from your home. This is the best device among other methods available in the market. Is this device safe to use?

Is ET Bat Control safe to use?

Our device is completely safe to use. This is the advantage you get by using it over other methods. The ultra variable sound frequencies released by the device are not harmful for human beings. Also it is safe to use it around pets and electronics.

How to use ET Bat Control?

Simply plug in the device and turn it on. It has adjustable targeting ability. The electricity this device uses is less than 5 watts of power. This makes it even more affordable. Adjustable pitch keeps the sound fresh. How much does this affordable yet reliable device cost?

How much does ET Bat Control cost?

As compared to other methods, ET Bat Control is extremely affordable. It costs just $49.99. While other methods cost above $60. ET Bat Control will not waste your money. Also it will provide you the best results.


Bats can cause a problematic situation if not removed and controlled. Bats have a good sense of hearing by which they come to know what kind of object is in front of them. Before bat control, it is important to get rid of bats completely. The insulation where those bats lived should be changed . Clean the dark small corners in your home and cover them.

You should go for a bat control method even if you never had bats in your home. Always find a reliable and affordable method that won’t waste your money. ET Bat Controller is the best choice for bat control. It repels the bats away from your home and is easy to use. Also it is safe to use around humans, pets and electronics.

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Bats are a part of our surroundings. Like every other animal and bird, we need them in our environment for a certain purpose. But this doesn’t mean we want them to live in our house or building. Bats have their own benefits. But they spread some serious diseases when they come in contact with humans. Bats can build their colonies in a home or building. This can disturb the people living in those areas. They should be removed at the right time, else the situation can become dangerous. Bat removal from the areas where they have their nests is very important.

How are they beneficial for our surroundings? Why is bat removal important? What are the ways available in the market to remove bats? Which method is the most reliable and affordable? And why should you choose that method? We will answer all of your questions in this article.

Pros of Bats | Bat Removal

Pros of having bats in your surroundings | Unknown Facts About Bats

Bats play an important role in our environment. They play several roles. Some of them are:

  1. Insect Controller:

    They are the natural insect controllers. They feed on the insects present around us. Usually, bats eat mosquitoes all night long. They eat beetles, wasps and moth as well. This helps in reducing their population.

  2. Pollinators:

    Bats move from flower to flower. While moving, they carry the pollen with them. This helps flowers in fertilization.

  3. Fertilizer:

    Bats are also known as “Guano”. Guano is very beneficial for plants. Guano is considered as a very good fertilizer. It is rich in nitrogen which helps plants to grow better. Also, there are some enzymes found in guano. These enzymes are beneficial when added to cleaning agents.

  4. Seeds distribution:

    Bats help in distributing seeds among plants as well. These plants include bananas, mangoes, dates and many more.

For the above mentioned reasons, having bats in our surroundings is important. We cannot kill them, else killing them will create problems for us. But we don’t want them to live in our house. They have some bad effects on humans. We have to remove them from our home. But what are the cons of bats? 

Cons of Bats | Bat Removal

Cons of having bats in your surroundings | Beware of Bats

Bats have some really bad effects on our health. They might be beneficial but we won’t like living with them in the same house. Some of the cons are:

  1. Destroying the structure:

    Bats may build their nest in your home. They will start raising their newborn in your home. While doing this, they damage the structure of your home. Also they leave bat droppings in your home. This creates a mess.

  2. Spreading rabies:

    This is not common but bats can spread rabies. Bats don’t bite normally, but can be aggressive if manhandled. The disease ‘rabies’ can be dangerous for your pets or you.

  3. Guano:

    As we mentioned earlier that bats are a source of guano and they are known for it as well. Where guano is beneficial for pants, it is very harmful for humans. This illness affects human lungs. This disease spreads by breathing in fungus that grows in guano.

  4. Bugs:

    Bats in our home can bring other insects as well. Due to the presence of bats, bat bugs are introduced to your home.

These are some cons of having bats near the place where you live. Bats have harmful chemicals which they spread through bat droppings. Bats are beneficial but we cannot afford sharing our home with them. What should we do in that case? Look for the signs of diagnosis. Diagnosis will let us know about their presence. What are the signs for diagnosis? We will help you know about them.

Diagnosing the presences of bats | Bat Removal

Bat Diagnosis | First step towards Bat Removal

  1. Bat droppings:

    Inspect your home carefully. If you find bat droppings, there is a chance of having bats in your home. Bats might be having their nests in some hidden corner of your home. Bats can easily enter into your home through small openings of size ⅜ of an inch. You may not notice their entry points as they are very small.

  2. Urine stains:

    Have you noticed urine stains on your wall recently? This is a sign of having bats. Bats have their nests in the small openings. They are usually the reason for having urine stains on walls.

  3. Pile of guano below a gap:

    If you notice a pile of guano under a gap, there is a chance for having bats. They must be hiding in that gap above guano. Bats usually have their droppings below the place where they live.

  4. Brown stains on wall:

    Are there brown stains on your wall? And are they below a gap? There must be bats having their nests in those gaps. These stains are usually because of the bat droppings. They turn the color of your wall to brown.

These are the steps to diagnose the presence of bats in your home. What should you do after diagnosis? Search for bat removal techniques. Read all of them carefully. Choose something which is suitable for you. The chosen bat removal method should be reliable and affordable.

What is the criteria of choosing a bat removal method? Here are some points you should keep an eye on while choosing a bat removal method.

Criteria of choosing a method | Bat Removal

Criteria For Choosing a bat removal method | Points to Keep in Mind

What are the points we should take care of while choosing a method for bat removal?

  1. Tested:

    The method you choose should be tried and tested. Experiments mostly lead to a problematic situation. And you don’t want that.

  2. Good reviews:

    Reviews can help you in deciding which method is reliable. Try to read as many as you can. Study the situations people went through. After this, choose wisely.

  3. Reliable:

    The chosen bat removal method should not waste your money. It should be reliable. The bat removal method should assure the removal of bats from your home.

  4. Affordable:

    Some people can not afford expensive bat removal methods. Also, many of them are just a waste of money. Try to find a method which is affordable and suits your pocket.

  5. Safe to use:

    The bat removal method you choose should not be harmful for your health. It should be safe for your pets. Also the method should not destroy the structure of your home.

These are the points you should keep in mind while choosing a bat removal method. What kind of bat removal methods are available in the market? How many are there? Which one of them is the best bat removal method? There are many methods available in the market for bat removal. We have listed most of them for your help.

Methods for bat removal | Bat Removal

Methods For Bat Removal | 5 that are available in the market

Below methods can help you with bat removal. We found these methods in the market.

  1. Hiring a professional:

    Some companies have trained experts for bat removal. They are taught how to remove bats and their nest from your home without causing any damage. You just have to book an appointment with the company. The trained person will reach your home at the decided time. What do they do? They remove bats by ‘exclusion’ method. They seal the building in such a way that it permits bat exit only. Bats won’t be allowed to re-enter the building. This will remove the bats from your home in some time.

  2. Sprays:

    Sprays can make the bats leave your home. They have such scent which forces the bats to move from their nests. Changing the insulation from the area is important. The area where bats build their nests become smelly. This smell can attract the bats. The bats try to enter that area again because of that specific smell. It is important to make that area smell free. Only if you clean the area properly, the spraying method will work. Else your efforts will be in vain.

  3. A bat house:

    Making a bat house at the location of bats’ nests can make the bats adopt it as their new home. A bat house can reduce the mess in your home. The bat droppings will stay inside the bat home. This can reduce the germs in your home. Bats will not damage the walls of your home. The walls will not be stained by urine and bat droppings. The bats’ homing skills make them return to the place where they had home. Placing a bat home at that place will make them adopt it as their new home.

  4. Netting:

    Netting is a great method for bat removal from your home. By netting, you can stop the bats from entering our home again. If they don’t enter again, eventually you will get rid of bats and your home will be free of them. Do netting at all the openings in your home in such a way that the bats can only escape. It is important to cover all the entry points else the netting will be of no use. The process will take 5-7 days to complete. It can take longer if there is a large population of bats present in your home.

  5. Electrical device:

    Electrical devices repel the bats and make them leave your home. They do this work by electromagnetic technology and ultra variable sound frequencies. These frequencies repel the bats away from your home. In addition to this, these frequencies are not harmful for human beings.

These are the most common methods which are available in the market. But which one of them is the best? Which one is the most reliable yet affordable? Which method will assure you bat removal? Also the most important question. Which one of them is the safest to use? We will answer all of these questions for you.

Reliability and Affordability | Bat Removal

Reliable and affordable method for bat removal | A Comparison

First of all, let me compare the prices for you. How much does the above mentioned bat removal methods cost? Let’s have a look.

Cost for bat removal

Hiring a professional can cost you a lot. Just a low inspection can cost you. Average and high quality inspection can cost you and respectively. Everyone cannot afford such a high priced inspection. Also, if the population of bats is large, it can cost a huge amount to remove bats from your home. It is not a good option if your budget is limited. Sprays, bat house and netting won’t cost you much as you have to do them yourself without any help. The electrical device such as repellers will cost you around $49.99. This amount is pretty much decent and affordable. Most of the people can easily afford such an amount.

Reliable bat removal method

What about reliability? Professionals are trained and can guarantee you a bat free home. But hiring a professional can cost you a lot. Do it yourself methods have a high risk that you may miss something. This will eventually waste your money and time. You don’t know how to deal with such situations nor you are trained. The situation can even become dangerous for you if the bats fight back. The electrical devices are so beneficial for you in such situations. They can save your money and time. You just have to turn the device on and it will repel the bats. Which will make your home bat free. They don’t even cost much and work perfectly if your budget is low.

We have made such an electrical device with intelligent technology. Such frequencies are used which forces the bats to leave your home. Want to know more about our electronic bat control? Keep reading.

Electronic Bat Control | Bat Removal

Electronic bat control | One of the Reliable Method

Our electronic bat control is the best product in the market for bat removal. It costs only $49.99. Isn’t it amazing? You get a bat free home at such a price. The device is so handy and easy to use. You just have to plug it and turn it on. The device will do its work and repel the bats from your home. 

How does this amazing device work? What is the technology used behind it?

How does an electronic bat control device work?

Ultra variable sound frequencies and electromagnetic technology are used. They repel the bats away from your home. Do you know about the plus point? This device is completely safe to use. These sound frequencies are not harmful for the people or pets around it. These are specially designed to repel the bats.

Electronic bat control definitely has many advantages over other methods. This makes it a perfect choice for bat removal.


Bats are beneficial for us and our environment. They control the population of insects around us. But they have bad effects on our health. It is not safe to keep them close. 

Bat removal is very important as soon as you come to know their presence. Diagnose your home and look for the signs. Choose the best bat removal method which is reliable and affordable. 

Electronic bat control is the safest method to go for. Also it is so affordable and reliable. They repel the bats away through sound frequencies. These frequencies are safe for humans and pets. These advantages make electronic bat control the best choice for bat removal.

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